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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Days: Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sami and E.J. are on a picnic with the family, but of the kids I've only seen Sydney so far.

Mel is cursing Philip for eating her rocky road ice cream. Carly shows up with rocky road mint chip ice cream. They opt for no bowls two spoons straight from the carton. Mel figures something is up and asks Carly if she wants to talk about what's making her 'squirrelly'. Carly says yes, "your dad and Chloe." I like mother daughter bonding. :D

Sami and E.J. have a Chex Mix product placement. E.J. doesn't know what Chex Mix is. Then Sami conveniently spills oily salad dressing on his shirt. Now we have shirtless E.J. on the lake beach, and Sami a little distracted and trying to get oily salad dressing out of his shirt with just a bottle of water. Soooo not gonna work Sami. Water alone will not get olive oil out of a shirt. :)

Heavy dialog and cute scene from Mel and Carly.
Mel: "Um. I thought we were gonna stay out of things with Daniel and Chloe?"
Carly: "I know. I know what I said, but things are different."
Mel: "Are you talking about the baby? Oh! Did I just blab it?"
Carly: "No. No. I did the sonogram. I know she's definitely pregnant."
Mel: "Oh. Okay, but Daniel wanted to marry Chloe before she was pregnant. So what's the problem?" ::Carly flashes back to figuring out that Chloe cheated:: "Carly, is there a problem?"
Carly: "Yeah, there is."

E.J. and Sami are fighting over whether the shirt can be saved. Giovanni comes up and has found a friend from school. E.J. walks off with his son while Sami looks at Sidney and says that she can't help it E.J. has his shirt off. Will comes up with Gabby. Sami frets over his cuts and bruises from his fight with Chad. Will is annoyed to find out that E.J. is there too.

Nicole is skulking around the DiMera mansion and comes across the sonogram picture of Sidney and starts crying.

Vivian shows up at Chloe's door. She's not happy that Chloe didn't 'take care' of Carly.

Mel: "Is there something wrong with the baby?"
Carly: "No. No, everything is fine. It's just.."
Mel: "It's just... what? What happened?"
Carly: "When you're around Chloe, how does she seem to you? Is she happy? I mean are you 100% sure she won't hurt your father?"
Mel: "100%? No."

Will is helping E.J. clean up the picnic mess and have a little bonding moment. Will goes down to the lake with Sami and the kids. Gabby comes up thanks E.J. for helping Arianna.

Chloe tells Vivian that she's glad that she messed up Vivian's plan.

Mel: "Actually what bugs me about Chloe is something you said."
Carly: "What...what did I say?"
Mel: "That she is one of those people who never gets enough love."
Carly: "Right."
Mel: "I know people like that. I was people like that until I married Philip. You know, I found the right guy and now I feel like I have all the love I need and what I'm banking on is that Daniel is the right guy for Chloe. I'm scared because if she hurts him it'll kill him. Then I'll have to kill her." ::Carly looks a bit startled.:: She's never seen this part of Mel I think and wonders if she's serious and capable of carrying out the threat.

Vivian asks Chloe if she's quite happy being a coward. Chloe says, "I'm quite happy that I didn't kill someone. Why is that so hard for you to understand?!?" Heeheehee Oh, Chloe, give it up it's like talking to a brick wall. A really confusing, delusional brick wall. Ooooooo Vivian makes a comment about Gregory saying that Chloe is an airhead. Chloe figures out that Vivian paid Greg to lie to Chloe about Daniel and Carly. Chloe figures out that Vivian was behind everything. This is going to be fun! :)

Mel is nervous about having doubts about Chloe. She doesn't want Daniel to be unhappy. He's coming over and Mel invites Carly to stay and wait for him. Aawww. I think Carly needs Mel right now, she's so upset about Chloe and the cheating and keeping something else from Daniel.

Gabby sings Sidney a song that Rafe used to sing to Grace and Sami gets choked up.

Nicole is hiding and hears Stefano and E.J. talking about how E.J. doesn't have any evidence to support Nicole framing Ari.

Chloe is not happy that Vivian used her. Vivian says, "Do you ever stop whining?" Vivian lays into Chloe about being weak and Chloe threatens to call the police. Vivian turns it back around holding her phone out, saying she has them on speed dial and that Chloe will have to explain her involvement too. Chloe tells Vivian to leave an opens the door to Carly hand poised to knock. Chloe tells Vivian again to leave and Carly (ever the protector) says "You heard her. Go!" She's glaring at Vivian and checking to make sure that Chloe is okay at the same time. Vivian leaves and Carly turns to her as Chloe closes the door. Leaving Carly and Vivian alone in the hall. Carly: "What did you do to her? Why does she want you to stay away from her and Daniel?" Vivian plays it off as just thanking her for a wedding gift. Carly Figures out that Vivian was responsible for making Chloe think that she and Daniel were having an affair, and is the reason for all everything that Chloe has been going through. Vivian says that she's not having this conversation and walks off. Carly follows her. Chloe recaps aloud to an empty room everything that we know she processed in the blink of an eye while talking to Vivian. Is that for the viewers who are a little slow on the uptake?

Vivian tells Carly that just because she promised to not harm her, that it doesn't mean she won't manipulate others to make Carly's life miserable.

Daniel tells Mel that even though they have a lot to catch up on that she will always be his daughter and he doesn't want her to feel replaced. He wants her to be okay. She squeals and shows him a t-shirt that says, "I'm the big sister" Oh.... this is sooooooo Philip's baby. :( Mel gives Daniel a baby book that's from the dad's perspective and she gets all choked up and teary eyed and he says that he hopes the baby turns out to be a lot like her and they hug. Aawwwww. Sweet father daughter moment.

And in true Carly fashion she blames herself for Chloe's baby maybe not being Daniel's and his life potentially being ruined since everything happened as a result of Vivian's plotting to get revenge against her.

Nicole is recording Stefano and E.J. talk about EVERYTHING that they've been keeping secret for the last year.

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