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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Days: Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nicole totally slams Ari in her report on Arianna's bail release. She's very unnerved by E.J.'s threats about knowing that she's framed Ari.

Recap of Ciara telling Justin that her mommy had his wallet under her bed with the other man's wallets and that they're gone now.

Justin has gone up to check on Hope and runs into Avenger who is leaving to go meet Dr Baker.

Chad and Will are fighting for the mothers' honor. Chad tries to slam Will's head into the sand. Um, dude, that's not really going to hurt him. :D

Stefano and E.J. are talking. I'm not really listening. Sorry.

Sami and Caroline are talking about E.J. and Victor. I'm also not listening. If the Dimera's aren't actually DOING anything then I find other people talking about them extremely boring.

Justin tells Hope that he was with Ciara and that she told him that Hope had his wallet etc. Avenger says, "Damn it! She's lying. She's lying just to get attention." Justin is a little taken aback. He says that he would think so too except that Ciara said it so casually. Avenger gets defensive. Justin is amused and concerned at the same time.

Sami calls Nicole 'Judas' hehehehe. Sami says, "See this back and forth thing, we're talking? I really don't like that." Nicole is trying to see if E.J. has revealed any evidence that he has, Sami is not saying anything.

Justin offers to see if he can get Ciara to open up to him about what she saw. Avenger doesn't want that. She stops his talking with a big kiss.

Adrienne walks in and see Ciara drawing alone in the living room. Ciara tells Adrienne (who looks amazing btw) that Justin is in mommy's room.

Adrienne walks in to Avenger hugging Justin. She has papers for him to sign. Justin and Adrienne leave the room. Avenger sneaks out of the house.

Dr Baker missed her. Aawwww.

Sami and E.J. and the kids are going on a picnic.

Nicole breaks into the Dimera mansion. Ha!

Maddie is concerned that Chad was fighting. She wants to know what the fight was about and who it was with. Chad's not telling. He tells her that it's because the kids are jealous of Maddie and Mr. Woods basically buying his way.

Avenger has given Dr Baker a list of supplies. He's shocked. Avenger says, "The problems I have with that man will finally be laid to rest." This does not look good for Bo.

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