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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Days: Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Recap of the Kate and Maddie scene.

Henderson reminds Vivian that Victor won't be home for dinner.

He's at Maggie's. He's come to tell her about the Mickey Horton scholarship foundation and to invite her to dinner to go over the details with her. She says that she's not going anywhere with him. Hehe.

Jen and Carly are on the docks. Jen is getting ready to head home. Carly is sorry to hear that. :( Jen asks Carly if she thinks that she should stay.

Bo is looking for a crayon for Ciara and comes across the divorce papers again. Hope arrives to pick up Ciara.

Dr Baker is having an Avenger flashback when Nicole bursts in.

Jen says that if Carly is in trouble then she wants to be here for her. Aawww. :) Jen asks about Daniel, Carly says that she hasn't told him. She says that she'd give anything not to know what she knows. Jen agrees that sometimes you'd rather not be involved. Carly says that it sounds personal. Jen say that it is. She wants to talk to Carly about Bo and Hope. Grrrrr. >:(

Hope is upset that Arianna was released on bail.

Nicole wants Dr Baker and Avenger to take out E.J.

Hope says that Arianna is dangerous and shouldn't be out on bail. Avenger is creeping into Hope's wakeful psyche and she's creepy.

Maggie is calling Victor on his bull. She says, "I can see through you. You may not want it to be true, but it is." Maggie turns him down again and Vivian shows up at the door.

Carly jumps to defending Bo having split with Hope before Carly showed up. Jen says that she actually wants to talk about Carly.

Heehee Bo picks up the problem with men aspect of Hope's rant. He says that maybe she's a little too close to the case. Hope says that she's concerned that Bo might be next. Oh, Hope, Nicole has other plans for Avenger tonight. Hehehehe. :)

Kate will help Maddie as long as she can as long as it doesn't cost her anything. Maddie says, "God my fate is in your hands, could it get any worse than that?" Kate says it already has, Stefano is in the doorway.

Jen says that Hope is always going to be in Bo's life. She's concerned that Carly is going to get hurt. Carly says that she already knows that and is going to have to get used to it.

Hope back tracks saying that she just means it will be someone like him.

Dr Baker tells Nicole no dice on taking E.J. out again.

Maddie is getting ready to leave but Stefano is blocking her path. He didn't hear what they were saying he just wants to know what she was doing there. HE says that if Maddie won't tell him then he'll just ask his wife.

Victor tells Vivian to leave. Maggie says that he does not give orders in her house. She wants Victor to leave and Vivian to stay.

Bo and Hope are talking about not talking about the divorce papers. Hope says that Bo's moved on and that she needs to find a way to do so as well and that that means they should go through with the divorce. Carly comes home and sees them both and feels the tension.

Carly starts to go upstairs to leave Hope and Bo alone for privacy. Hope says, no that she'll just go get Ciara.

Before Stefano can ask Kate a direct question she jumps in and says that Madeline just doesn't trust him. Kate says that she's not longer a threat to them.

Vivian to Maggie: "Do you think I like having a romantic rival that makes Betty Crocker looks like Lady Gaga?" Hahaha. Oh, Vivian you don't know Maggie AT ALL! :)

Carly apologizes again as Bo comes back into the house from seeing off Ciara. Bo says that Carly lives there and Hope knows that. Bo tells her about Hope walking in while he was holding the divorce papers and that Hope wants to go ahead with it. Carly asks if Bo still does. She asks if he's having second thoughts. He says no. She says, "Listen to me, and this isn't be being noble, because I'm not, but no one should have to go through anything as terrible as a divorce unless they're absolutely sure. Maybe I'm the one who should step back." You seriously have to love Carly. I adore her for not settling right now. She wants to make sure that Bo is in it for her and doesn't regret no being with Hope.

Jen is leaving and runs into Vivian. Jen backs up and says, "Whoa! Two more minutes and I would have been home free." Vivian is trying to be all nice and mentions Lawrence and Jen says, "Vivian are you out of your mind?!?" Heehee. Thank you!

Justin and Ciara are talking and Hope is getting a headache. Justin is going to Ciara sit while Hope gets some rest. Here comes Avenger!!!! :)

Carly is concerned that Hope is not all 100% and that it's not just Alice dying. She's not sure that given this information it might not be a good thing to go ahead with the divorce.

Jen is laying into Vivian for asking her to mourn the death of the man who raped her and when Vivian says, "He paid for it." Jen says, "Not enough! Because after he ruined my life, he went on to ruin Carly's life." Vivian can't believe that Jen is taking Carly's side. Jen says that she can't believe that she's talking to Vivian. She says that she's going back to London and that Vivian knows exactly where she can go. Heehee!

Carly reminds Bo of the 'nice' Hope while he was gone and how that changed after he returned. He starts to see her concerns.

Dr Baker stands up to Nicole. His partner matters to him. Aawww dude fell hard for Avenger. :D

Bo says that he's not comfortable talking about Hope with Carly anymore. She apologizes and he says that she just shouldn't have to deal with that. She has a flashback to what Jen said and she gets that sad, worried look on her face and goes quiet. When Bo asks what's wrong she says 'nothing' and distracts him with kisses.

Ciara tells Justin that he lost his wallet. He asks her how she knows that and she says that 'Mommy had it.'

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