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Monday, July 5, 2010

Days: Monday, July 5, 2010

Maddie shows up at the mansion to talk to Kate. :D

Chad and Will and some more guys are at the beach.

Brady is disappointed in the results his source has turned up.

Arianna has been in jail for a very long time without a bail hearing.

Rafe of course didn't hear Nicole's conversation, but he did catch her saying Ari's name. He's sure that Nicole is involved somehow in Ari's case.

Kim calls Shane back before he leaves. She says that her only regret upon her diagnosis is that she wasn't with him.

Nicole says that Rafe heard her in a private conversation and that no wonder people are losing faith in the police system. Um, Nicole, dude.... It's not private if you're on the docks in a public space and someone can hear you from 20 feet away.

Chad tells Will that his mom (Maddie) knows how to get things done and Will's mom "on the other hand ......."

Maddie asks Kate if she's going to spill the beans to Stefano. Maybe in five years we'll find out what those beans are?

They oddly bring Ari her personal affects before her arraignment. She pulls out her engagement ring. Tears, sniffles.

Brady tells his source guy to find the money clip and it will solve everything.

Kim tells Shane that it's too late. Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kiss him! Kim, he loooooves you! ::sigh:: I miss them!

Kate tells Maddie that she led Stefano to the one thing that she didn't want him to find.

Will jumps to Sami's defense and he yells at Chad. Chad says that he's sorry. Aw cute little fight. :D T and Kinsey are ready to go, but the just now notice that Gabby is gone. She's at Arianna's hearing.

Rafe tells Nicole that Ari was framed and that she will be freed. Nicole is desperate to know what goes on in the hearing, but it's closed to the public.

Shane says it's not too late and Kim says that they can't go back.

Maddie tells Kate to not tell Stefano 'whatever' was in that envelope.

Kinsey reminds Will that Gaby's sister is in court. He goes to check on her.

E.J. tells Nicole's camera that Ari was granted bail.

Shane says that he agrees that they can't go back and he doesn't want to, but that they're together here, now. He says that the entire time he was away that the only things he thought about were her and the kids and grandkids.

Maddie says that she's been very careful and that Kate is the only one who knows about this. She says that she and Kate were very close and that if Kate ever cared about her that she would do this for her.

Will meets up with Gaby on the docks and tells him that Ari is out on bail. he invites her to the lake to go wakeboarding with the gang.

E.J. tells Nicole that bail wasn't a problem because he took care of the 300,000 bond.

Oooooo Chad just sent Will 'back to the house' to get food. Kate and Maddie are still in it. Maddie asks if Kate hates her so much that she'd turn 'the document' over to Stefano. Kate says, "I don't hate you. On the contrary..."

Rafe and Brady are talking about E.J. and Arianna being set up and Nicole playing Lois Lane and Brady having been drugged. When Brady defends Nicole saying that at least she believes in him, Rafe says, "Good luck with that." and walks off. Hehehe! I love Rafe sometimes. :D

Arianna gives Brady the engagement ring back. She says that she loves him and always will, but that they need space. Brady tells her that it was a gift and that she should sell it and use the money to start paying back E.J.

Kate says that she's fond of Maddie that she always has been. She says that's why she brought her along into 'the life'. Kate says that Maddie was one of Stefano's best girls. I'm guessing that the document is maybe a contract that Maddie signed with Stefano when she started working for him and that as long as Stefano doesn't know that she has it that she can hold it for insurance, but that he could use it to ruin her.

Shane and Kim are heading back to L.A. together. I'm going to miss them soooooo much!!!!!!!

Rafe puts in a request to not be sent out of town on cases for a while.

Kate tells Maddie that as long as Stefano doesn't ask directly that she won't say anything. Maddie is grateful. Will is coming down the stairs and overhears "We'll let the past stay in the past. No one needs to know that you were..." "A whore?" Maddie replies. Will looks like an anime character he has giant eyes full of shock! Heehee. :)

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