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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Faces in the Clouds

While I was drving home from work last night it started to rain. The thing is that it was very sunny where I was and even the rain clouds weren't very dark. While I was at a stop light I took a picture of the sky behind me. I love the rain anyway, but rain when it's sunny is very cool! I posted the picture on Twitter http://www.twitpic.com/h0h9y . I hadn't seen the picture really, and my phone's screen is small. Someone pointed out that there was a face. I ended up finding another, she found two more, and then I found two skulls too. Here are the pictures showing each face. Let me know if you find more. :)


  1. Wow . This Is Actually Really Cool . :)

  2. this is the best things i ever seen

  3. Hie.I am from Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls.I have seen faces in the sky twice and taken photos of them.I will upload them later for you.Do you happen to know the meaning of those images?