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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Guiding Light airdate September 8, 2009

(FYI - The show was preempted for tennis on Monday the 7th. There isn't a blog post missing.)

Mallet's boss/agent guy has a roll of toilet paper on his desk, and a little rubber ducky on his tower CPU! Heeheehee. Absolutely no idea why he has a roll of toilet paper. :)

Alan talking about the odds of him being a match for Phillip is great.

Aawww, Reva and Josh arguing about the rocking horses, classic Josh and Reva! :)

Shayne telling Henry that he'll teach him how to play is a little funny considering Marina is the one who taught Shayne.

Mallet is a jerk for calling to tell Henry happy birthday, but not even thinking about how it might affect Marina, and not even really saying anything to her or seeing how she's doing.

Bill checking on Alan to make sure he's not in lost. "You need a car? Do you know where you are?"

Dinah! She's sure playing the damsel isn't she.

Heehee. The "escaped" balloons have miraculously become tethered all about the cemetery.

Aaww, Mallett thinks Dinah is like a guardian angel in her little white tank top.

Buzz is the perfect name for a clown. :) Do you think that played a part in deciding who would be the clown for the party? "Well, Buzz does have the name already, so that would save us some money."

Wow! Alan is just being incredible right now. He's not using tricks and manipulation. He's just explaining to Phillip why he wants to do it and what it means to him. Just wow!

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