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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Guiding Light airdate September 9, 2009

Olivia actually smiled and said, "Hey you" when Natalia came into the office. That's so good to see, it's been a long time.
Ha, the way Natalia said, "Yep" she is so frustrated with Olivia holding back. Then she throws her hip out and leans down and puts her hands on Olivia's desk and slides her head to the side and says, "Since when do you do slow?" Ha! Now that Natalia has been given an inch she's pushing in earnest for the entire marathon. She knows now that Olivia is past most of the hurt and that now it's really more about her pride. Natalia can push a lot harder when it's pride. Aawww, Olivia leaning toward Natalia when she clasps their hands together, then tilting her face up to look at her is just so sweet!

Blank and Frank have coordinating shirts! I love that color.

Sarah is adorable, she reminds me of a tiny Bernadette Peters.

Seriously love this conversation between James and Phillip. They have come so far in just a couple of days. Amazing.

Aawww, Lizzie calling Alan a hero with her voice cracking.

Sarah and Johnathan playing while he's talking to Josh is great. They are so natural.

Aw, Blake wearing Ross's clothes after he died. I would sooo do that. I know I would.

Ivy Olivia would be a great baby name. I love that Natalia thought of the baby having Olivia's name, but Olivia doesn't really have the self esteem to not fight it. I'd like to see a scene where Natalia explains why Olivia would be a perfect name for their baby. Olivia would turn to mush and consequently so would I. :) That scene was just too much cuteness, there is not a lot more to say, just that it's too cute, and sweet.

Phillip just basically asked Bill Lewis to be the head of the Spaulding family. And all of the epic rivalries in the 80s and 90s are gone. Wow!

Alex is so scared and Olivia's trying to be comforting and talking to her. They are fun together in their awkwardness. :)

Edmund has all of Springfield under video surveillance? That's more than a little creepy!

Um, why would you hear a car pull up, stand up, wonder who it was and NOT go to the door? It's not like there is a possibility that the car is there for the neighbors. Reva might still be a little crazy. :D

Josh and Olivia scene! That is all. Nothing but awesomeness ever with these two! Love them!

Aw, Alex is so uncomfortable with the idea that Alan might not make it through the surgery. She just got her brother back with him meeting Gerald's family and dealing with that, and now she's in danger of losing him again.

Phillip and Beth! Wow! Beth and Grant did an amazing job yet again. And him whispering, "I love you" as the rolled him away was just...wow.

Beth and Lillian! So powerful!

Baby names! Natalia is not impressed with Frank's ideas. I love Olivia coming in all happy and saying, "What letter are we up to?" It's funny that Frank never really noticed before that he's invisible when Olivia and Natalia are in the same room together. He's sure feeling it now though. But, with where Olivia is now, she's confident and a little bit territorial, she'll step up to the challenge if Frank decides to fight. She might not have felt it was her place a couple of days ago, but she knows it's her place now.

Natalia and Olivia scene! So much cuteness again. I love how Natalia is done. Just like she was "So done with waiting." at the gazebo during Emma's service project. "Oh my god. Screw time and space." and Olivia's "Ooo." When Natalia was saying, "yes you can" "say yes" and Olivia was saying, "no" it was like their conversation on 01/27/09 when Olivia was saying, "You can't spend your whole time worrying about what's gonna go wrong." and Natalia was saying, "no I don't" and Olivia was saying, "yes you do" It was so cute back then, and it was very cute now with the roles reversed. Really, brilliant writers I have to say. :)
I love how after Frank comes back to the table that Natalia still has to look back at Olivia, like she can't believe she actually got her to move back in.

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