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Monday, January 18, 2010

Days: Monday January 18, 2010

I haven't watched today's episode yet so this is going purely on Monday's. Does anybody else think that Melanie may actually be Bo's daughter too? I don't know, something in the way Carly looked at him when Mel said that. Hmmm? Had me wondering. Also..... Carly needs hugs.
I'm waiting for Melanie to be laying into Carly one day and for Bo to accidentally shout, "Don't talk to your mother that way!" 'Cause that would be funny, and soooooo not the way any of the characters would expect that little piece of information to come out. Or, and this could be even more interesting, if Melanie is going off on Bo and Carly stops her with, "Don't speak to your father that way." Anyway, those are just some of the random thoughts going through my head.

Oh! One more... I wonder if Molly consciously started doing the grabbing of the lapels for comfort thing or if she's actually done that all along. Since I haven't watched really since 1995 I don't know if that's always been a habit of Mel's or if she's done that recently to be a subtle clue and 'like mannerism' to Carly. Carly and Mel are so much alike in so many other ways it wouldn't surprise me if the actresses made such choices in their physical traits as well.

Okay, so that's my first 'back in the saddle' blog. Thanks for reading. :)

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