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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Days: January 19, 2010

'Days of Our Lives'
Watching Tuesday's show now. Carly still needs hugs.
Kate referring to Mel as 'Smurfette' was one of the funniest things.
Lawrence is bad creepy, but Michael does it soooooo well.
Bo was smart in handling Vivian by trying to throw her off of the baby trail, but I'm worried that his hero complex is going to get boring for him eventually and Carly is going to get hurt. He's in love with rescuing her, but when that's over I don't know. I always thought that Bo and Hope were meant to be, but when Carly came to town and she helped Bo heal I wanted to believe that Carly was the love of his life. It would be nice if it turns out that way, but I'm still convinced Bo's going to hurt Carly.
Maggie has Kate pegged! Awesomeness! Way to go Maggie! :) I just love the way she called her out!
Oh, the look on Carly's face when Melanie told her about how she grew up was absolutely devastated. Carly needs more hugs. Very well played as always Ms Chappell. :)

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