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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Guiding Light airdate September 3, 2009

Olivia in her office. Her first line while she's doing paper work is, "Great, I did it again." It was tossed off like an ad lib, casual and light, although laced with frustration, and it might have been an ad lib, but it was also a clear sign that Olivia is not able to concentrate on work, as this isn't the first time she's made a mistake while doing paper work. She's so flustered and preoccupied thinking about Natalia, that she can't concentrate on work.
Now, what did she 'do again' I wonder? I'm guessing write Natalia's name, write 'baby' or sign something as 'Olivia Spencer-Rivera' like she's been doodling their names together, Olivia Spencer-Rivera, Mrs. and Mrs. Spencer-Rivera, Olivia and Natalia Spencer-Rivera, Mrs. Olivia Spencer-Rivera, trying out the feel and sound of the combined names. At least that's my fun romantically inclined mind's guess.
Natalia is being cute, but also speaks the truth in telling Olivia that she knows that she'll want to be there and that she can't make family moments happen again once they've happened the first time.

Company, the Coopers really have just decided to take this foreclosure lying down. Buzz literally as he's basically lying in state on the bar with a wash cloth over his face. Natalia walks in and says. "Hi." like she's expecting everyone to spring to life once they notice she's there. When they don't so much as move more than a head or a finger a couple of inches she looks more like, let's get this over with so I can get out of the twilight zone. I like that she told Frank the time of the sonogram and that Olivia had been invited. She didn't make a point wanting him to be there, just letting him know that he was invited.

It's fun seeing Ashlee and Blake and Cyrus working together to write Coop's book and save Company.

When Frank is talking to Olivia, she's got her back to him, but she doesn't walk away from him. She stays and listens. She wants to not hurt, to be there for Natalia, but she's so scared of the what-ifs.

Oh, Ashlee, you may not have meant it to be hurtful, but at least Doris heard it. You might not know anything about her today, but that's going to change soon.

Amazing scene with Phillip and Olivia. We didn't have to see him telling her, and I'm glad that we didn't he reaction was enough, it was subdued and powerful. Such a far cry from the Olivia that told Phillip if he didn't go to prison that she was taking Emma and leaving. I think in addition to Natalia's influence that Phillip's unwavering support of her and Natalia and his insistence that Emma had the best most stable home life possible with them was a big factor. Phillip not only said repeatedly that he was happy with how she was raising Emma, but he showed her by always respecting her decisions since he's been back. Trusting Olivia goes a long way with her. The camera cutting between long shots of Phillip and Emma and close ups of Olivia crying was the prefect way to handle that scene, again we didn't have to see/hear Phillip telling Emma, and in the end the telling isn't what's compelling, it's the dealing, the aftermath, the grieving and comforting. Grant and Jacqueline and Crystal were all great here.

James and Rick, excellent scene! Wow. James has never looked less like a petulant child and more like a young man as he did in that scene.

Natalia loading up on the pickles. :) I love how Doris was a little stunned that Natalia was talking about raising a family with Olivia even after Olivia had said she couldn't do it. Doris had fully expected Natalia to give up, but Natalia surprised her with, "She means too much to me." Doris gets almost the same look she had after Olivia's speech in her office back in February, "Wow. SO you're just gonna hang on like that?" She envies what Olivia and Natalia do and can have. That they each have someone who loves them so deeply and completely and fiercely. She never expected Natalia, seemingly meek, Catholic, good-girl Natalia to be so bold and open and unashamed and sure of her relationship. She seems to think that if Natalia could be that confident, surely Doris could find that in herself, and maybe allow herself to find a love of her life too.

Love that Emma isn't afraid to ask for Natalia when she needs her. Beautiful scene with Olivia and Emma. Kudos again to Jacqueline Tsirkin

At the farmhouse, just, aawwww. I mean think about the fact that Olivia wants to always protect Emma from everything, even things that can't be fought against. Then instead of going into the farmhouse she trusts Natalia to be exactly what Emma needs while she's grieving, she doesn't have to be there to chaperon. What could be seen as just another attempt at avoiding being around Natalia actually plays as a show of trust and a gift because Olivia has a beaming smile and is looking Natalia over rather appreciatively when she shakes her head and declines the invitation to go inside. Olivia's taking baby steps. This is the first time that she's allowed Emma to be alone with Natalia since she's been back. The first time since she said, "You can't bake cookies with her and make dresses for her and be a mother to her and then just disappear on her like that because you get a little scared or you aren't sure about something." By not going inside she was still protecting herself, but she was also making a small statement that she trusted Natalia not to run again. She just needs a little more time to be able to trust her with her heart. I think it was a huge step for Olivia.

Company, Buzz and Daisy are at the bar reading newspapers and the article title on Daisy's paper looks like it says, "Never Diet Again" at the same time that Frank is walking behind them eating the sugar straight from a sugar packet. Heehee.

Ugh! Such a tough situation with Phillip and James. You can see both of their points, but Phillip soooo shouldn't have yelled like that. When he goes off like that I actually feel bad for James.

Seriously what's up with Buzz and the washcloth over his head? Is it his version of the ostrich in the sand? What statement does it make that the three people who helped the Coopers and saved the day were "not blood" family as Frank would say.

Cute scene with Natalia and Emma feeling the baby kick.

Doris and Olivia talking about taking risks and making choices. Wow. I simply adore the friendship that these two have forged.

I really like the relationship between Daisy and James too. He sought her out when he needed someone to talk to. They are great for each other.

Rick telling Phillip that he was wrong and that James just wants to be a son. Amazing scene yet again. Michael and Grant did a fabulous job!

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