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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Guiding Light airdate September 2, 2009

The scene at Company, that must have been some really good food! Ha, that poor extra, sitting at the bar between Frank and Blake and Josh and Buzz while they were having a 'conversation,' having to pretend like nothing was going on. Yeah, I'd be pretty enthralled with the prop food too. They were practically yelling over her head to each other. Too funny!

Johnathan and Jeffrey scene 1. I love Johnathan's sense of humour. "Hey, dead man!" Then in response to Jeffrey's questions, "How's your mom? How's Colin? Any sign of Edmund?" He says, "Whacked. Cute. None." Perfect!

Alex and Alan playing Frisbee in the study!!!! Seriously, you're never going to see something like that anywhere else. Certainly not in characters that are stereotypical of those in the social and business standing of the Spauldings, but that's the essence of Guiding Light isn't it? It's what it's always been. A periscope of sorts showing people of all status as the flawed, not so different humans that they really are. A social statement all it's own without shouting "Hey we're making a social statement here. Listen up!" A gentle reminder, or an eye-opening realization that although circumstances may be more outlandish, everybody essentially has the same problems. The Spauldings and the Coopers, the Reardons and the Bauers, the Marlers and the Lewises all have the same problems once you get past the money and the places in society. Nobody has life figured out, and nobody is the-only-one dealing with anything. Alex and Alan Spaulding can play Frisbee in the study at the mansion, and Buzz Cooper can struggle with the regret of not having seen his son grow up. It's really a simple and intricate statement at the same time.

Shayne and Marina telling Josh about Henry being Baby Shara, and that he's a grandfather. So sweet. I love that Josh gets to have this. Meeting his grandson. So great. :)

Reva and Alan scene at the mini-mart. The clerk in the back, who's watching Baby Band Candy while Reva shops, is killing me with the big exaggerated baby faces.

Phillip telling Beth about his illness. Oh my goodness! Beth Chamberlin absolutely took a hold of this scene and made it everything that it was. She and Grant are amazing! The way she goes from shocked disbelief to hurt to sad needful breaking down in mere seconds is just, breathtaking and gut wrenching and I'm so glad that Grant played Phillip as the comforter knowing that it was hard for Beth to hear the news. Grant and Beth have always been so good together and seeing them play Phillip and Beth again is a gift. From the first day the characters saw each other again (the day of Coop's accident, when Phillip so tenderly helped Beth out of her blood stained wedding dress) they have given us amazing scenes with each other, and this scene was another brilliant piece of art. Phillip's line, "I love you so much. I just didn't want you to be sad." While Beth is clinging to him as if terrified and believing that if she holds him tightly enough she can keep him here, keep him from dying, from leaving again. I don't think I have superlatives adequate to express how emotionally evocative this scene is.

Beautiful scene where the Spaulding family, including Bill and Rick are being told about Phillip's illness. First of all I absolutely love that Rick is there. We as an audience know that Rick is family, but so often programs forget that family isn't just your spouse and parents and kids. Including Rick was a great touch, and attention to detail. Lizzie's reaction was amazing, and spot on. I loved that she said, "Daddy?" as if asking him to make it better, to reassure her like he did when she was little. "I just got you back, and I don't wanna lose you" when only a few months ago she was terrified of him. Alex not knowing what to do to comfort Alan. James throwing things about in frustration. Also side note, that wall is a sliding door! Smart cookies those set designers. Still could have used a color other than Electric Pistachio, but the built-in versatility of the set, brilliant!

Daisy is the only Cooper not too shocked to ask questions about Shara. They included Cyrus in the family event. That makes me happy. To have the family of the mother he never knew, welcome and include him makes me happy for him.

Josh and Reva. Josh holding Colin and talking about Henry. Why is it that no-one has mentioned that Baby Band Candy has a nephew now in Shara. Also, I would like for Daisy to call him Uncle Colin at least once. :D

Phillip telling Bill that he was already doing what Phillip needed him to do by taking care of Lizzie was such a sweet thing. Alan offering to give a ride home to his family, it was so gentle and caring and not controlling at all. Another great example of character growth.

I'm going to miss this beautiful and brilliant show.

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