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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Guiding Light airdate September 1, 2009

Shivaree! Oh, my goodness! They are just pulling out all of the old traditions with Billy and Vanessa aren't they.
Lizzie is right, it's a bad idea and one that had me dreading a wedding when I was a kid. (One too many viewings of 'Oklahoma!') Aaaww, Lizzie is so cute wanting her parents together. 'Cause they do belong together.

James and the cereal! He loves his cereal doesn't he?

Aw, Beth's face when she thinks Lillian is cheating on Buzz. Aaawww, so cute!!!! Love Tina and Beth in scenes together!

Alex! Heehee, she cleaned out the box of Apple Jacks! Marj is awesome and she and Grant are great together.

Reva and Vanessa and Reva realizing that Vanessa really does want her to be the Maid of Honor. Tears of joy and talk of the past. Deeply touching scene from Kim and Maeve!

Bizzie! Bill's all about telling peeps he and Lizzie are actively trying to have a baby. lol

Billy called Alan an old sourpuss! Ha!

Phillip and James. Wow, Phillip is trying so hard. He needs hugs!

Lizzie and Reva joking about matching, it's funny because they have the same hair color too, just that Reva's is shorter! Heeheehee.

Horseshoes! Whoa! That was an awesome shot, tossing them straight toward the camera! Excellent!

Lillian and Alan ... guh! subtle and emotional... wow Ron and Tina!

Alex is great today. I wonder if James spiked the cereal with something that gave her the munchies. :) James and Alex are going to play frisbee.

Beth is so speaking about Phillip and Olivia both. And she's right given what she knows, or doesn't know in this case.

Aw, more Lewis family together time. My friend has those wine glasses (also the matching shot glasses) I love Lizzie saying that she's always been a little scared of Vanessa and everyone agreed. Vanessa is such a proper person I can see where Reva and the Lewis' would feel a little intimidated. So much fun, this scene! I saw a younger 12 year old Bill at that table toasting his parents. Beautifully written, shot and acted scene all around.
Gosh! That had to have been emotionally hard to film considering that the end is getting closer.

Holy cow! Phillip and Alan .... ::tears:: Well done.

Lillian begging Ed to do something to save Phillip. It's so sweet and tragic and soapy and awesome.

I am going to miss this show so very very much!

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