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Monday, August 31, 2009

Guiding Light airdate August 31, 2009

Buzz: "I'm date ready." Heeheehee. He's soooo ready. lmao Lillian is absolutely beautiful! Josh is funny and just Josh. I love him so very much.

Poor Daisy, it's tough being the baby isn't it. I love that James just wants to spend time with her, it doesn't matter where. He just wants to be around her, it's sweet and a pleasant change from most teen/young adult relationships portrayed on TV.

Natalia is trying so hard, and she's very nervous about saying the wrong thing. "It's what friends do right? Shop and eat." Oh, big hugs to you Natalia! She got so excited when Olivia agreed. Olivia was trying so hard to not snap at her, she loves her so much, but is so scared of being hurt again. Big hugs to Olivia too.

Billy and Vanessa deciding to tell people about their engagement by Visiting. Oh my goodness, it's been so very long since we've seen something like that. First they were courting, and now they're visiting. Ever the classic, southern romantic couple. Awesome!

Reva's trying, I love how she had Baby Band Candy's hand the whole time she was talking herself through it in the car. Great touch.

Aaww! When Lillian suggested baking more cakes for Billy and Vanessa to take on their visiting rounds, Buzz gave her a look of desperation, cause we know that he didn't have baking on his date agenda. Lillian got the cutest little understanding and sympathetic look, then wrinkled her nose like a cute little bunny when she saw Buzz had reluctantly given in. Sooooooo cute! Nice little detail there Tina! Also, Daisy and James having a silent conversation over Lillian's head discussing whether to stay and help. She says 'no'. He says 'please, I'm cute.' She says 'fine, what am I going to do with you?' All with the eyes and the faces. Awesomeness, really! Bonnie and Zack get props here too!

Curious about the three girls on the park bench behind Josh's side of the phone conversation with Billy.

Natalia, the way she pointed and the vocal quality in her voice when she told Matt she'd pick the ice cream over the tequila, such a ghost of the storyline Olivia was going to have during Natalia's absence. No wonder Matt thought he had a shot, she's all flirty, 'cause she can't help it. It's just who she is. Aaaww, sweet. :)

Looooooooove Josh and Olivia! I'm very relieved that he's taken his proper place and won't get between Natalia and Olivia, but I adore him being the friend that she needs, with just a bit of sexual undertones. Plus with them both being int he same kind of place 'friend' wise with their significant 'friends' it's nice that Olivia has someone who understands, and isn't trying to get anything from her.

James! Asking what Buzz's intentions are with Lillian. So rocks!

Natalia is soooooo cute! Hugging Buzz and putting her head on his shoulder 'cause she's all smiley because she's "...going shopping with a friend. That always makes a girl happy." Aawwwww! Honestly I love seeing her this way, she's got this calmness, like she's certain and confident of the outcome even if the path isn't what she expects. She hasn't been this serene really since .... ever maybe. I mean she's had the fight in her and she's presented a confident front, but there has always been an underlying sense of apprehension or trepidation of not knowing what's coming next or how to react, and there isn't in this scene or even the scene with Matt. Jessica is playing this to the hilt!

Vanessa is so cute! "Billy, tell him." Heehee. Does Vanessa know that Josh had a hand in the the proposal happening that day? As they were leaving she told him, "Glad we had that little talk at breakfast." Heehee. Still sweet.

The way Olivia said, "Natalia and I are going shopping." It's almost like she just expects everyone to know about them. But her expression after Lillian's line about everyone being happy. Aawwww Olivia needs a hug!

Josh, "This way I get to drink twice. Celebrate with Billy. Lament with you." Ha! lol
Billy and Vanessa telling Reva about the engagement, crazy awesome, so much history in that room, and they're moving forward by going back to a place they've all been before. Wow.

Oh, Olivia all nervous about going shopping, 'cause it's like a date for her and she feels herself losing control and slipping back into Natalia and she can't let that happen. Natalia looks her over a couple of times when she answers the door all dressed up. Natalia almost tears up when Olivia says she has dinner plans, but she stops herself and puts on a brave face. When Olivia breaks and tells her the truth, that she can't just be friends, I love that she's not completely shutting Natalia out. She's telling her how she's feeling, she has since that first meeting when Natalia came back. This is a very, very mature Olivia in the way she's processing and dealing with Natalia. A huge evolution in personal relationships since she met Natalia. When she walks around Natalia as she's closing the door she chokes up a little and almost cries too. Aw, Natalia's expression when Olivia walks away, it's like she's thinking, 'I know that you're hurting, but I'm not going to let you run.' She loves her too much to let her walk away and be miserable. Guh!! Beautifully done yet again by Jessica and Crystal.

Reva and Baby Band Candy made it to the Mini-mart. Yay for progress! That was very very nice to see.

Matt pulled out Olivia's chair and she said, "Nobody's done that for me in a long time." (like Natalia and Frank in Jan.) Natalia apologizing to Matt, aaww, she knows that he's had a rough day, but she's got to talk to her scared and insecure girlfriend. Love it!
Buzz setting up the romantic dinner for Lillian and himself. Nice, but when you put the closed sign on the door of the restaurant, you might want to actually close the door. :D

Great family stuff on the Bizzie front porch steps.

Matt clued into Natalia and Olivia. Awesome! Great stuff!

Okay, this last scene has to be another one for the books. Like the one in Olivia's office a couple of weeks ago. Natalia is so good at reading behind the mask and knowing what Olivia really needs when she isn't consumed with so much other stuff in her brain. "You can't do it because you're in love with me. We are not casual friends and that's not what I'm looking for from you." Love this scene! "No. We need to be together, and you can't fool me by going on dates with other people." Love Natalia's little 'you think I'm naive' sneer. "I know how I feel. I know how you feel. I can see it in your eyes right now." Yes!
I love the editing here too, the song in the background swells after Natalia's last line when the camera cuts back over to Olivia and the lyrics are, "Baby, this one's forever." How perfect is that?!?

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