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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Daytime Emmy Awards - Sunday August 30, 2009

The opening had me rolling. Seriously. I have always loved that song (Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You) and having Vanessa Williams singing a re-worded version was great. I loved her playing the Diva and putting herself in the place of several of the female daytime stars. When she started singing to Natalia my ears did a double take. She worked her way into the famous Otalia kiss scene. So very very cool! But now I really really want to see Crystal Chappell and Vanessa Williams do something together maybe Vanessa can do a guest spot on Days. :)

Thanks to Donna for letting me use her wonderful clips here!

When they were showing Supporting Actor nominees Jessica Leccia was sitting in the row behind Jeff Branson, and then after Jeff Branson won (woohoo! btw) he had a purple handkerchief in his suit pocket!
EJ Bonilla would have given a great acceptance speech. Hopefully he'll get to next year.

Oscar was talking about thanking the little people and mentioned Slimy the worm! Then he slipped in "and Prairie Dawn, she's very small" Ha! ROFL
The Sesame Street tribute and presentation for Lifetime Achievement Award made me cry. Sesame Street and Guiding Light have been a part of my life, upbringing, childhood since I was four years old. I started watching them at the same time. Watching that and realizing that Gordon and Susan and Big Bird are as much a part of my foundation as Phillip and Holly and the Lewis boys.

The tribute to Guiding Light was very sweet, but I wanted it to go on longer. Loved Beth's Bauer BBQ speech being used as the intro. Loved all of the clips that they chose though. Did not like the lack of respect and reverence that I felt Guiding Light should have received. I'm glad they did something at least.

This one is Donna's too. :)

Wow, all in all I was really disappointed in the in the Emmy Awards broadcast this year. I thought the networks LOVED their reality TV and awards shows are very Reality TV, yet the only stuff they really stayed on was scripted dialog. While the Tony Awards broadcast is getting better and more entertaining, this broadcast is getting less entertaining. I would have loved to have seen more footage from every show and longer shots on the nominees and winners. Also where was the standard tribute to those in the industry we've lost this year? Sorry, I try to speak positively, but the production team that the CW put together really showed us that they don't care about the Daytime Industry. I was a bit offended that the show was kept strictly at two hours so that we could make sure to squeeze in an episode of TMZ* before the late news shows started. On second thought, maybe they just needed to have a rocky learning experience for the first year. Hopefully they will be soooo much better next year.

*In all fairness I am offended by the very presence of TMZ (used here without permission, but in no way in an attempt to profit) and other 'celebrity news' media that make a living off of gossip, ambushing people trying to live their lives day-to-day, stalker paparazzi and inflammatory manipulation of actual news for the sake of sensationalism.

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