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Friday, August 28, 2009

Guiding Light airdate August 28, 2009

When Frank had everyone gathered at Company, Lillian asked if Buzz was alright, Christina asked if Remy was with him, those are logical questions since Buzz went to find Remy and Cyrus, but Frank said that he didn't know if Remy was with Buzz and then Marina asked if, "they found Cyrus." Um, Marina, I'm pretty sure that Remy knew where Cyrus was, since he flew down there with him. This kind of deductive reasoning explains the file cabinet evidence locker at the SFPD. :)
Ha! Frank is telling someone to be supportive of Buzz's adventures! That's a twist. :)
I get Natalia's reaction to Rafe's news. My mom did the same thing when she found out that I hadn't canceled my flight to NYC after 9-11. (I told her I was going on 9-10 and the flight was 9-28, when she found out that I was still planning on going she freaked out and called the airline to see if they'd allow a cancellation, after I told her I was still going, and I was in my 20s) On a lighter note the quart of milk on the table (Horizon organic whole milk, my favorite) is the same brand/size maybe even the same carton, that she's drinking out of later at the Minimart. Can I just say how much I really enjoy Jessica's acting.

Nice little jab at the network from the Guiding Light writers here.
Vanessa: "Television's not the game it once was."
Josh: "Yeah, I know. You can't really count on anything these days can you."
Maeve Kinkead so much rocks. I loooove Vanessa's voice cracking with she says, "... that I love him."

Blake grabbing the phone from Frank and him giving her a 'WTH?' look. Too too funny. lol

Olivia: "Yay! Oh, I'm glad I ran into you..." Too cute! Okay, I really just absolutely loved everything about Olivia's scenes with Josh. Love the 'yay'. Crystal Chappell is amazing and Robert Newman awesome, carry on.

Another shout out to Jessica's acting. When Natalia feels like she can't control a situation and she doesn't have a plan she clenches her fist. She did it after the FoD when Frank was following her down the stairs, she did it at the GoL when Olivia was trying to get her to go back to the wedding, she did it when Olivia walked away from her at the park, and she's doing it again in this scene where she tries to get Frank to change Rafe's mind about enlisting. Also the constant tiny shaking of the head when she's not liking or agreeing with what she's hearing. Major props to Jessica Leccia! I can't wait to see her on another show or movie. (Yes I'm looking forward to Venice, but I really want to see her land a great paying job too.)

Why does Company keep the highchairs outside?

Loooove that you can tell that Vanessa sees the ring and doesn't have to almost drink it and that she says, 'Yes' without even pulling it out. She doesn't need to really see the ring, she just needed to know that Billy still wanted it. Guh! Love this show, am gonna miss it so much! Billy getting choked up and teary eyed!!!!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! Just beautiful! Olivia and Josh, so cute!

Flashlight! I haven't heard that song (on the show) in so long! It's so good to hear it again. :)

Oh, and yes, Daisy is drinking wine. Remember it is okay for underage people to drink as long as it's a cop that gives them the alcohol. :D Or maybe they've decided to let her be her actual age of 26 since Rafe did not have alcohol.

Okay, Olivia and Natalia outside of Olivia's room. Holy cow! That's all I've got. Script, brilliant, acting phenomenal, subtle, layered, evocative. You can see so clearly that Olivia wants more than anything to be able to be what Natalia needs her to be, but she's been there before and got burned by Natalia once already. Natalia really needs Olivia, but now she's starting to understand, really see, that Olivia isn't just being stubborn, she's deeply wounded. Wow, just wow!

Josh and Olivia again. Aaawwww!
Natalia's prayer for Rafe, 'to watch over him and protect him' I expected, but 'teach him what I haven't' for some reason that just about killed me. I think it was that she played it so humbly. Just honest and fully admitting that she can't do anymore so she's handing the care of Rafe over to God. She needed to be able to do this, she's been taking on so much guilt over Rafe's actions for too long now.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode too, and I enjoy your writing :)