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Friday, August 28, 2009

Guiding Light airdate August 27, 2009

Lizzie chillin' in a lawn chair. I want to "take a seat" and "join in the nothingness" too Lizzie! Christina should not be THAT excited about 'caulking' something, she should chill with Lizzie.
Remy and Cyrus are in that same trailer/office that is Alan's office and that they've used for some of the BTS/interview clips on CBS.com.
Reva: I didn't know that people put marshmallow cream on a PB&J sandwich. That's an awful lot of sugar! You can do marshmallow cream (Fluffernutter) or jelly/jam/preserves/marmalade/curd (PB&J) but both (I have no name for that) is like getting a 50cc glucose shot right in the heart!
Okay, Christina and Lizzie need to step away from the power tools! (and the hand saw as well)
Blake all subtley signalling to Ashlee so they can talk privately. Cute! Very nicely done too, decidedly covert.
Buzz telleported to the NewPeaBosnian Outback!
I really really wish that Jessica Leccia did the Electrasol/Finish commercial voice over and not just the bumper for ad for the show.
Heehee Lizzie and Christina are giving the saw a little space, until it decided to cooperate!Loooove it!
Sympathy to Mandy Bruno, hard to walk in heels (even wedges and espadrilles) on mulch pathways.
Frank refers to Buzz as his "criminal chasing" father, um being a cop, isn't Frank a 'criminal chaser' too? Or at least he should be. Oh, that explains soooo much! Frank doesn't chase criminals.
Wow! Buzz and Cyrus, great scene! Awesome emotionally driven argument.
Aawww, Blake's voice got all shakey when she said, "after you lose your husband." Great job LizKeifer!
Ooo, Johnathan, nice call on the running with the bridge reference.
Cyrus talking about when they were kids, almost makes me like Grady. Also, they're all talking about him in the present tense, like he's not dead. Hmmm? :)
Frank popping up with commentary from the background is FUNNY.
Lizzie's voice all unsure and quiet when she's asking for a sandwich. Perfect. Love Marcy here.
I'm gonna miss Johnathan's little bit of sanity at Cross Creek.
Heehee, nobody can get a burger at Company because both Frank and Blake are on the laptops.
Shayne has nicer handwriting than Johnathan, but he also writes like Natalia and Marina. :D

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  1. So much wonderful in every scene these days! I love all the details you pick up on because most of them are things I've seen, too! I absolutely loved Blake in this episode...Liz Kiefer was amazing! Oh, and about them speaking in the present tense about Grady...most people just know that he disappeared. Who knows Phillip killed him...Phillip, Alan (?), James, right? Didn't Lizzie figure it out, too?