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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Guiding Light airdate August 26, 2009

Today's GL (so far) Painters tape will not hold the box closed. Holly! Natalia had champagne for Olivia's breakfast too. She soooo was planning on it being a date, but backed off when Olivia said, "Honey, it's not going to happen." Aww, denied, but making progress. Keep it up Natalia! She didn't pull away when Natalia put her hand on Olivia's arm as she walked by. Woohoo! :) Also, handwriting... Natalia wrote Marina's note to Mallet too? @ the Cooper cabin ;) the yellow striped hand towel on the upper oven is the same one Olivia covered her face with in the hangover episode. Love the Holly's scarf pulls the same color from Blake's shirt. Aaawww, cute mom/daughter touch, and EVERYONE looks absolutely stunning! Olivia and Holly. Aaww, brilliant scene, brilliantly acted! Shara putting pacifier back in his mouth! lmao He's bored with Mallet saying goodbye for the second time. :D I think he misses Dinah. Who BTW was right from the beginning. She knew Shane would want to be involved in Shara's life. Blake and Ed! I heart them, another great scene.

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  1. I love Holly! And that's the first time I've seen her besides two clips on youtube. But it makes me want to go find more. With such a small amount of time onscreen, those three ladies did a wonderful job showing us the relationship dynamic. I absolutely loved the way she talked to Olivia about her "tumultuous romance"!!