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Friday, February 19, 2010

Days: Friday, February 19, 2010

Justin should not be shocked that Hope says Bo's name while she's out of it.
Okay, there is no reason for that cop to get all rough with Carly.
Looks like Hope is still being there for Carly and Melanie. We'll see how long this lasts, but I'm going to enjoy it while it does! :)
Bo is right. Carly needs to stay strong and not fall apart other Vivian and Lawrence have already won.
Ha, lets hope that Nathan doesn't start talking in his sleep. I'm thinking that Stephanie might not like him calling out 'Mel'.
Random side note: I think that the pillow cases on Stephanie and Nathan's bed and the same pillow cases that were on the comfiest looking hospital bed I've ever seen when Carly was giving blood.

Carly really needs to get out of that place. She needs some kind of consolation that Mel's going to be okay or she'll flip.
Yay for Hope. I'm glad that she and Justin figured it out.
Bo got Carly out on bail. Yay. Of course Carly wants to not make things worse for Bo. Aha, a condition of release. Bo seems very adamant about this and scared too. I'm wondering if he's trying to make certain that Carly doesn't damage her case by seeing Melanie.
Hope is on a mission. Heehee. Look out Vivian.
I don't think that Melanie is going to wake up until Carly talks to her.
A 20 ft restraining order isn't bad. Carly can sit in the waiting room and not be in violation.
Bo, do you really think that Carly is going to "Stay here?" Do you? Really?
Hope to the rescue again. I wonder if she was going to offer Carly an 'exchange,' to help her out of this legal thing if she leaves Bo.
I think that Carly will be the one to cause Mel to wake up, but I don't think that Mel's going to be immediately happy and all "Mama!" when she does.
Okay, seeee that's the thing. Melanie looked grateful when she saw Carly show up on the Balcony. I think that she'd be okay with her there for a minute at least until she finds out that Carly's been hiding the fact that she's her mom.
I knew that his bailing out Carly would be an issue for Bo and Hope.
I really think and hope that Carly is right and that her being there helps Melanie.
Philip just went all 'Godfather' after learning what happened from Justin.
Good cliff hanger for a Friday. Melanie is awake, but what does she consciously remember (subconsciously she remembers feeling safe and loved and that's why she woke up) and how will she react to Carly?

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