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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Days: Thursday, February 18, 2010

Abe, Bo doesn't have to arrest Carly right now. They need to take her into another room to keep Vivian away from her. Restraining order people!
Hm, I think Lexi's solemnity is misleading. I don't think Mel is dead.
Seeee. Yay, they're letting Carly donate blood. That's good. Kate!!!! Really, loving Kate so much again. Not just because she's defending Carly, but because she's back, she's more the misguided, but good intentioned ball of fire that she used to be than I've seen in the last few months.
Okay, good. Carly's donating blood so now she feels like she's doing something and she's a little calmer a little more focused, and she's in a room alone with Bo, so she doesn't have that reflexive self preservation, fearful for her life panic that comes with Vivian being nearby. She can FINALLY explain everything that happened.
Ah, Daniel knows now that Carly is Mel's mother. So many things make sense now, don't they Dr Jonas? :)
Okay, now Abe is just being mean. Carly doesn't need to be arrested right this minute. She should be able to stay until they know that Mel's okay. >:(
Yes, at least he's taking in Vivian too. But still... Okay, really love Kate's little smug look as Abe reads Vivian her rights. Aawwwwwwww, Bo grabbed and held Carly's hand as he walked her out. How sweet is that?!?
Well, E.J. is working on widening that gap between Rafe and Sami.
Kate is calling Victor out on the scheming, yay!
I'm glad that Carly is being kept in a separate room at the police station. Away from Vivian and anyone else who wants to taunt her. Oh, except for Lawrence. He can still taunt her apparently.
Poor Giani is going to be so messed up what with E.J. playing head games regarding Sydney.
Wow, Victor just talked all around answering Philip's question as to wether or not he knew about Vivian's plan.
He can't let Vivian go yet. Hope still hasn't woken up long enough for anyone to get her statement.

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