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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Days: Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Balcony recap. Mel is still out, Carly is still kicking and screaming. Brady is still holding her back. Vivian is still be creepy and Victor is still looking like he's going to snap Vivian in two.
Powerful, great scene for Chloe and Daniel. They are both so scared and sad and hopeful and crushed. They need hugs. Now. Hugs!!!
I'm really loving Kate right now.
I wish Carly wasn't in shock so that she can tell Brady what happened.
Heehee. How did I know that Stephanie's purse was going to hit the floor?
Victor, your pet has run astray. Hahaha. Victor is not happy. I'm loving this.
Daniel is so good with Chloe. That other doctor (Dr White) is really annoying.
Okay, Dr Jonas should be able to get to the bottom of this.
Can E.J. fall into the water? Please? Pretty please? I'll give people caaaaannddddyyyyy.
Hey, Anna. Take this chance to tell the truth. It'll be good for your soul. Hehe.
Aw, Maxine is sad about Melanie. So sweet.
Good, Carly got the truth out. Philip, don't you realize that if Melanie dies, Carly is going to be far worse on herself than you could EVER be?
Awesome! Kate's after Vivian now. :)
E.J is tiresome, and I'm sleepy.
What just happened that made Rafe give up questioning Anna?
Chloe, tell Arianna what happened. Otherwise she'll keep asking about the baby and you'll keep getting hurt.
Yeah, I'm glad Carly jumped at Vivian. She should have. Bo needs to calm down a little so that he can help Carly get her story out.
Aw, I'm glad that Arianna can be there to comfort Chloe.
Seriously, they need to take Carly into an empty room and just calm her down and talk to her. And, doesn't Vivian have a restraining order against her. Someone needs to make her leave.

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