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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Days: Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No Days of Our Lives episode aired on Monday February 15, so I'm not skipping any I promise. :)

Somebody please get E.J. away from Sami.
Stephanie and Nathan are not going to end well.
Okay, so Carly was gone before Bo got there, he didn't have to choose between her and Hope. Still think that things are about to get interesting. :)
Aw, Chloe! :) They just gave her too much exposition in that scene though. Hm?
Vivian, is going to tell Melanie about Carly being her mom? No way?!? I hope that Maggie stops her.
Oh! Brady and Arianna and the talk about Phillip being so in love. Loved it! Brady faking like he's going to get down on one knee and Arianna's little panic. Awesome, and funny and perfectly fitting for the couple and the situation. I wasn't really sure about Brady before especially with the whole Nicole things, but that was great. His mother would be proud of him. coughbringIsabellabackfortheirweddingcough
Ah, the big debate. To find out or not to find out the baby's gender, that is the question. :)
Victor is being so gentle with Maggie. It's nice to see.
Carly made it to Victor's!!!! Vivian is .... um... thinking about pushing Melanie off the balcony? Not very original, but I guess in a pinch you've got to use what you've got. Ha!
Gabby needs to stop hanging out with the spoiled bratty kids. I would sooooo not have bought her that sweater.
Hey, Anna's shirt matches 'the boots' that Nicole saw! Heehee. Aw, poor E.J. Plans not going the way you wanted them too? He's such a child.
What is Kate planning regarding Vivian?
Melanie, if someone is trying to push you over a balcony with a little wall, then sit down. You won't go over without them having to pick you up. Not that I know this from experience or anything. I'm just giving helpful information.
Carly!!!!! :)
Ha! Rafe called Anna! Awesome! :) Sydney is adorable!
The sonogram doctor looks familiar, can't place her though.
See Bo, Hope's going to be fine. Go back up Carly.
Oh, had to see that one coming. But before all heck busted loose Mel looked so grateful and relieved to see Carly. Carly was running on pure adrenaline and whatever meds the hospital had her on, so of course she's not going to have a steady had and will be jumpy with the reflexes. She might have yelled at Melanie to 'Duck!!!' otherwise. I just have to say, that I don't think I have EVER seen that kind of incensed look of fear mixed with rage on Crystal's face with any of the characters that she's played. That was from a place of pure emotion. Wow! On another note, make-up, wardrobe, FX, who ever was responsible for the blood on Mel's dress.... if the person is shot or stabbed or wounded in any way while standing up, then don't put the FX blood on them while they're laying down. Somebody dripped and Mel had a light trail that did not come from the wound. Just some advice. I know it's hard sometimes, I've had to do it myself.
Okay, did anybody else have a flashback of the movie 'Clue' when everyone ran from the living room at Victor's?
I don't like that look on the doctor's face. :( She better be wrong. Is she a psych patient pretending to be a doctor? That'd be cool! :) Maybe she's had too much to drink. I just want her to be wrong.
Uh oh. E.J. caught Anna.
Anna, wait until E.J. leaves, then call Rafe back and tell him to send back-up. It's easy.
Aw, Carly called her baby. Vivian has really got to stop with the premature death diagnoses. Dude! Carly just spilled the 'mama' beans!
I don't like the way this is going with Chloe's sonogram. I want her to be pregnant.
Maggie!!! "Well I'm comin' too!" Love it!!!
Wonderful performances from everyone on the balcony. Jay Kenneth Johnson was great with the panicked and scared, and Crystal was stunning with the kicking and screaming, and Eric Martsolf was great too. I wonder if Eric got a workout from holding Crystal back? Girl has fight!

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