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Friday, February 12, 2010

Venice: Episode 9 - February 12, 2010

Aw, Ani's bad day is sooo familiar to me. :)
Love how Lara just unabashedly checks out Ani, then smiles.
I too have gotten to the cashier with an order (dinner to go while running to a rehearsal) and realized that I didn't have cash or cards on me. My encounter didn't turn out the same though, the manager just told me I could have the food since it was already made and bade me a good night. If for no other reason, the fact that Lara just automatically handed over money for the coffee not expecting anything in return, makes me like her.
This whole conversation and scene with Lara and Ani is perfect. Ani is completely flustered and yet Lara manages to calm her and take her focus off of the little mishaps of the morning. I love how Lara is immediately comfortable and flirty with Ani. Sometimes with some people you just feel that it's okay to be in their personal space right off the bat, seeing that makes me happy. Lara being confident and not arrogant by asking about a 'special someone' was very nice. I think I like Lara very much indeed.
Heehee. Ani, "...I have to shoot someone in an hour," and Lara's look in response, funny! It's the kind of thing that you know sounds bad, but you're so used to using the terminology that you don't think to censor yourself. I have family and co-workers who know what I do and they still get a squeamish look when I use shoot or shooting, I can easily see where Lara who has just met Ani would be a little taken aback at first. (Side note: Jessica and Nadia look beautiful in this scene.) Yes, Ani. You do owe Lara a drink ... or something. :)
Lara teasing Ani about losing or spilling something on her phone number killed me! I love her even more now.
Haha. "I'll stick with my Blue Cow." I can't believe that Red Bull wouldn't want to endorse this show! They get so much free advertising from Crystal anyway, why not just let them use the name in the series. :D
What was in the chair that Gina just ate? Actually, never mind. I'm pretty sure that I don't want to know. :)
Hm, Guya drunk dialed the guy she's been seeing? I'm thinking that maybe Guya's new found 'enlightened' persona may be covering hurt and self doubt that she hasn't gotten over yet. I like that she's able to be there for Gina. Gina needs that someone who can be silly with her, and still give her advice without judging her. Gina has enough people putting expectations on her. It's good that she's got someone that she obviously looks up to and whose opinion she respects. When she thanked Guya for being there, it felt like she was fighting crying. It's very emotional when you realize, acknowledge, accept, know that someone loves you and cares for you that much. Even more so when it's someone who chooses to be there when people who should be there aren't.

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  1. I love reading your analyses of anything! You know that's really what made me want to check out Otalia in the first place! Gotta catch up on my DOOL scenes before I read the rest, though....