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Friday, February 12, 2010

Days: Friday, February 12, 2010

Sami, just so you know, it actually isn't good for Giani to spend time with E.J. No good can come of that.
Chloe does not look like she's okay with Arianna asking about the pregnancy test.
Carly, "Oh I'm sorry. You need to make a call?" lmao
Lucas needs to really get over himself with not wanting Allie to see Chloe.
Rafe and Sami actually got out of bed?!?! lol
Exactly Phillip. If other people have a problem with Chloe being at your wedding, then it's their problem.
Ah, Carly. :( Killing Vivian right now isn't going to help Melanie. (Side note: Crystal does an excellent job, but it makes me hate seeing Carly cry. She makes me feel so bad for her.)
Ha, why did they start the ceremony when no one had made sure that the bride was actually downstairs yet? Like she'd hear the music and run out of the bedroom and downstairs into the ceremony.
E.J. shouldn't be surprised to see Sami Brady at The Brady Pub. He's not going to be happy when he finds out that she and Rafe are still together.
Hope to the rescue! I really, really hope that she doesn't take her personal issues out on Carly right now.
She didn't do it? So Victor did switch the combs? Mel is about to follow in her mommy's footsteps in the not good way.
Does Kate have on a snake necklace at the wedding? That's just wrong! :)
Nathan grabbing his helmet as he left the hospital has me a little bit worried that he might crash on his way to stop the wedding.
Hope explains it all. Victor did switch the combs. Ah, Carly is so relieved! (These happy tears I can handle.) So, so good. And Hope arrested Vivian! That makes me very happy. :)
Okay, so Nathan made it to Victor's safely. No motorcycle accident. That's good.
Sami, you don't have to defend Rafe or yourself to E.J. / E.J. is slipping.
Of course Chloe has to have 'morning sickness' during the ceremony, now Justin will be all nosy. He's really getting on my nerves.
Hey, there's Bo! Lots of people have been trying to find you dude.
Uh oh, Carly and Hope buried under a pile of boxes. Now Bo must choose. Vivian is just making stuff up now. "Hope is dead," please, you don't know that. Crazy person.
Gabby is having an emergency? That's odd.
Just say no. Melanie. Just say no.
Keep with that train of thought Sami. You don't need to talk to E.J.
Oh no, Mel. Phillip is not the one for you. Not really.
Yay, Carly, Way to escape. You can save Hope, you're uber strong and can toss the boxes aside easily.
Okay, Kate's 'snake' is actually a lapel pin on her dress. It's still funny though. Stefano calling her Katarina is a bit confusing for me because Carly is always the first character that I think of when I hear that name.
I've thought this for some time, but Melanie's dress really reminds me of a slip. It kind of looks like she's running around half dressed especially with the straps falling/setting off of her shoulders.
I love the way Carly just threw her phone down when it was no longer useful. It's a very realistic thing to do and I wonder if the prop guys cringed when they saw it.

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