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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Days: Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hope is really catching up and working out Vivian's plan.
I love, love, love Arianna handling Vivian and throwing her out of the room!
Gus is just wrong for taunting Carly with buried alive memories.
Chloe... "Buns in the oven!" Priceless!
Carly trapped is not a good thing. :( I have to say though, that it is a smart idea to keep her away from the wedding and still make sure she sees everything. This is everything that Carly was afraid of when she fled Lawrence's house.
Chloe and Daniel are so cute. I completely understand her wanting to keep it a secret for now, I just hope that it doesn't cause/allow an accident to happen hurting the baby.
Nathan is right, Melanie knows that this is hard for Maggie, but I think it may be too much too soon for her. I hope that his pushing doesn't break her.
Oh, the orderly doesn't have Carly. Nope. Where is Arianna? If she went with Stephanie to deliver the letter to Nathan, then where is she? If she's waiting in the car then it was kind of rude for Stephanie to say that she'd wait for Nathan. It could be a very long time.
Victor, it's kind of arrogant to think that you have control over Vivian. Unless of course you switched the combs. That would be cool. :)
I knew that's what was in the letter.
Wow! Carly totally knocked the crap out of Gus! Way to go!
Victor, no bad marriage jokes on your son's wedding day! Who called Phillip?
Carly, awesome fight with a concussion and everything! Is Mel pregnant too or is it nerves or is it poison?
Okay, so Arianna went to find Brady. She should have stayed with Stephanie.
Ha! Brilliant Carly! Using Gus's cell phone to text and lure Vivian to open the door and then sneak attack! Awesomeness! I don't think that Bo is getting any messages right now sweetie. But now, you'll handle it on your own and Bo won't be your hero or protector this time. That will probably change their dynamic. Good stuff! :)
So the J.O.P. called Phillip. That's not as intriguing as I thought.
Will and Maggie reliving a Mickey memory is so sweet.
Brady seemed to perk up his little detective ears when Mel said that Vivian left once she got the comb in her hair. Wonder what he's thinking.
That adjustable crescent wrench is HUGE! With as hard as Carly swung at Gus with the brick, if she did that with the wrench, she would completely crush half of her skull. Girl's got a powerful swing.
Okay, if Hope comes to Carly's aide this is going to get all kinds of convoluted and interesting! :)
Stephanie has to go down now. She's not okay lying to Mel like that.

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