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Monday, February 22, 2010

Days: Monday, February 22, 2010

Rafe is torn up about the latest find regarding Sydney.
Ha, Philip pulled a fireplace poker on Vivian! Awesome!
I love that Melanie is hysterical when she waked up and remembers that she and Philip are married. I don't think that we see that enough on television or in movies. The way she keeps trying to sit up and jump out of bed only to be jolted back by that sharp intense pain the source of which her panicked brain has no memory. Her, "What happened?" here is so confused and small it just breaks your heart. She really seems for all the world like a little hurt confused child who needs her mommy. I don't think it's going to be a happy and cuddly reunion though.
Vivian is terrified that Philip is going to snap and kill her. I love it! It's about time someone had her honestly cowering in fear. "I don't think you should say Carly's name." Way to go Philip, I completely agree. Vivian hasn't the right, but most importantly using Carly as scapegoat here is only going to make Philip more angry because he'll be reminded of the entire plot and how you used the woman he loves for your own twisted self-indulgent revenge plotting. Ha! Holy cow that's awesome! Philip telling Vivian that he's angry with his father, then Vivian asking what it has to do with her, and Philip saying, "Oh, he loves you Vivian. He loves you. I kill you and I get to see him suffer." She is truly fearful of her life right now. One would hope that this would teach her a lesson, but it is afterall Vivian that we're talking about so it's not gonna happen. :) Wow, Louise and Jay Kenneth were phenomenal in this scene.
Okay, so Mel now remembers that it was Carly who shot her, I hope she's receptive when she learns everything that happened and that Carly's her mother.
Rafe is on the right track, I just hope he can see it through to the end and find Sydney. I'm glad that Ari is there to listen to him and help him through the thought process.
Oh, E.J. I think it's a mistake using Brady to relay news about Sydney being dead. I think it's going to back fire and not go the way you planned.
Hysterical Mel is awesome, so fitting for the situation. Can I just add that I love that Carly has her ears covered after Daniel comes into the room? She can't handle hearing her daughter in both physical and emotional pain. Plus those are ear splitting screams. Molly is doing an excellent job here. I'm glad that Daniel didn't spill the 'mommy' beans, and told her that she needed to ask Carly.
Carly's little 'Thank you' prayer says so much about her love for Melanie. She is more grateful that Melanie's awake and is going to be okay than she is upset that Melanie might never forgive her for accidentally shooting her. And there, she just said as much to Daniel. Ha! :) I'm glad that Carly has him as a friend.
Oh, Mel this is going to be hard for you the hear.
Arianna is right. It's hard to feel sorry for Nicole. Maybe E.J. is pushing Brady away from Arianna as payback for her undercover work.
Wow Vivian has rcovered quickly after her little experience with Philip. Guess he needs to scare her better next time. Victor's line, "The Three Stooges on crack could have come up with a better plan."
When Carly sits on the bed Mel shifts her leg a little further away, nice touch again here from Molly.
Okay, Carly finally got it out, I kind of like how she slowly revealed everything around it first to give Mel time to process and fill in the blanks. I kind of wonder if Mel had an inkling before. There's just something in her voice when she asks 'what do I meant to you' or 'why am I so important to you' that had a little bit of hope.

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