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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Days: Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Uh, oh. Philip is about to ruin the mommy daughter reunion.
This Carly Mel re-shoot scene has a completely different tone than it did Friday. It's kind of like Carly just popped out with "I'm your mother, pass the popcorn" while they were watching a movie. They really should have just used a cut from Friday's scene with all the crying and the heightened emotions. That was good times.

I do love how Mel still calls her a crazy person. It's kind of like an endearing nickname now. :D Carly should leave now while Daniel is still able to stall Philip.

Sami, don't just brush off E.J. walking into your home. Bad, bad mojo. You need to lay into him for being all creepy.
Haahaa, Vivian thinks that she can talk the judge into withholding bail for Carly.
Oh, Carly, you should have left when she started yelling. Dude, those are the most sound proof hospital rooms I've ever seen!
Daniel is correct. Mel needed Carly whether she knew it or not. I wish that he had the time to be more attentive to Chloe, she needs some understanding and love right now.
Lawrence! I like him so much better now that he can't actually physically hurt Carly. He used to make my tummy turn. :(
Good scene with Bo and Carly on the dock.
Melanie and Philip are amazing in their scene. Great calm discussion about the new information.
Chloe has a right to be upset with Daniel. Hmmm, I did not see that coming. A jealousy fueled Chloe/Carly contention will be very interesting indeed. Especially if Chloe starts trying to keep Carly from having anything to do with her dear friend Daniel.
Aaawww! Carly's description of Melanie is so sweet and proud and full of love and admiration. "Then I got here and I met her and she's so smart and funny and bullheaded and passionate and beautiful, and I immediately loved her." What's great is that we already knew that Carly felt that way, it's so clearly written on her face. She's completely head over heels for her baby girl. Yay!!! :)
How was 'Ghost Lawrence' able to close the interrogation room door?
Whaaaaa? We don't get to know what Mel's decision is until tomorrow? That's wrong. :)
Oh, okay. :) She had Philip call Carly. Awesome! I smell a little bit of a set-up. 'Say it ain't so!'

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