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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day: Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Aw, when Carly answered her phone, "Dr Manning" sounded so worn down and defeated. I'm setting myself up by hoping that she's going to have some happiness soon. Aren't I?
I'm glad that Sami is seeing Rafe break down. She needs to be reminded that he's doing 'the FBI thing' because it's what he knows how to do. It's how he copes and if he's going to have any closure he has to find out what happened and that there isn't any hope of her being alive.
That was a sweet and sad scene with Kate and Stefano after he finds out about Sydney.
I love that once she's in the room with Mel that Carly doesn't move her eyes from her at all. You don't get that kind of devotion much anymore. :)
I'm glad that Bo and Hope are talking about Ciara and about Carly and that they are able to do it calmly and listen, even if they aren't exactly understanding yet. Oh, Hope, Carly IS worth it.
Mel is asking for a very long story in asking where she came from, but she's receptive which is good. Very good.
Melanie is taking this all in and she seems to be taking the truth.
Ha! Sooooooo. Bo is her dad, right? Oh please, oh please. We know that Victor can't be, 'cause Carly would have stopped that wedding. And I would think that if it were Lawrence taht this whole thing would have never happened. Soooooo I can hope. :D
E.J. is about to get more than he bargained for isn't he? He's creepy standing in their room like that. And creepy for letting himself in to the apartment in the first place.

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