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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Days: Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yay, Kate warned Phillip about Vivian. It's hard to be good and have people not believe you because of your past. I kind of want to give Kate a hug right now.
Carly would be proud of Melanie's decision to not marry Phillip.
You can do it Chloe! :) Bun in the oven! Woohoo!
See Melanie. Vivian is crazy. Run! No, don't let Vivian put a necklace on you. Wow, does Mel have any creepy person instincts at all? I mean aside from instantly being snarky with Carly around whom she is perfectly safe.
See now, see how she goes from creepy attentive to scary controlling in 0.2 seconds?!? Run from Vivian, even if you have to do it in your jammies.
Oh no! Carly's down. But Victor was the one to find her and we know that he couldn't care less about her, soooo this does not look good for her.
Phillip, you need to listen to your mother. Kate is doing the right thing here.
Oh, Vivian just gave herself away pinning Mel's other love as Nathan.
Dude, Victor that is so wrong, just stepping over Carly like that! Oh, he did not just refer to Carly as 'trash by the front door'!?! Haha, classic.
Hm. I think Hope's desire to return to work has more to do with easy access to info on Carly than it does a true desire to keep busy.
Uh, if Carly forgot the fall did she forget anything else? I'm sure that's what the scene tag wants us to believe, but I don't really think that's going to be the case. It would be a little too obvious.
Ah, see Melanie, that's jut it. Vivian doesn't really love Phillip, she just likes him for his status as a pawn.
Ha, yes, Abe. I'm glad that someone a little bit detached from the situation has pointed out that Hope it not doing this for Ciara.
Chloe and Daniel are protecting each other so much that they're hurting each other.
See, she didn't forget everything. :D Carly remembers her mission to warn and protect Melanie.
Oh Mel, poor baby. You really need your mommy right now.
Um, is it standard practice to transport service weapons and badges in inter-office mail envelopes?
Tenacious Kate in a good streak is great.
Oh, okay. Just a tiny bit of short term amnesia. I hope she remembers soon.
I'm really really not liking Lucas right now. Okay, actually I never liked Lucas, so I guess it's business as usual. :)
Aw, Brady mentioned his mom. It took me a second to remember that he was talking about Isabella. Aw, I kind of miss Staci Greason. Can Isabella come back? Maybe suddenly show up at Brady and Arianna's wedding. :D Of course they'd have to get engaged first, but you know, for future thought.
So Hope at least told Kate that she'd look into it. That's something.
Maybe Daniel can help walk Carly through remembering what she was doing.
Oh no, Mel's opening the gift. She really needs her mom there to help her with her emotional struggles right now.

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