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Monday, February 8, 2010

Days: Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh, Anna, threatening E.J. is not the way to go. You're digging yourself in deeper. Unless that's her plan all along and she's going to lull E.J. back into letting her stay with Sydney alone so that she can take her to Sami.
Hm. It's a little bit cute how Kate thinks that she can intimidate Carly as thoroughly as Vivian can.
I'm really loving Sami's boots.
Haha! Vivian telling Victor that Gus is her 'boy toy'. Heehee. Nice try.
I'm glad that Carly's 'Spidey senses' are up with Kate. I know that Kate can be very caring when she wants to be. And she and Carly are on similar sides with regards to Vivian. She's trying to take both of their children away albeit in different ways. This could actually be very interesting.
Ha! Okay, I'm really really liking this Carly and Kate power struggle. I've missed seeing that kind of scene from Lauren Koslow since I've been watching Days again, Kate's been soft and psychotic, but not this sharp and purposeful.
There we go Rafe, way to see the light. "We're stronger together." :)
Carly, "Vivian's...crazy." And then with the nervous, throw-Kate-off-the-trail rambling. But Kate overheard enough to not let it go. Wow, Carly's face just completely clouded in fear. Seriously this could be a fun interaction to watch. Oh Carly, Vivian knows everything. I'm oddly glad that Kate has Carly's back in a weird way.
I don't like that Vivian can still unnerve Carly so easily. I get it and it makes sense, and Carly is getting stronger, but I don't like her feeling that way. She's going to be getting a lot stronger the more she has to protect Melanie. She'll start to put more of her own fears aside so that she can be clear-headed and strong for Mel.
These scenes between Mel and Lucas and Stephanie and Nathan feel very stilted and contrived. :(
I'm glad that Sami and Rafe are talking and listening to each other.
Yep. I could tell when Carly went all still and didn't changes so much as the tension in her mouth that she knew that Vivian knew.
Uh oh. Mia is not going to be nice to Carly. I can tell.
Run Melanie! Run away from Vivian now!

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