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Friday, February 5, 2010

Venice: Episode 8 - February 5, 2010

I love how Ani is a little hesitant to answer Gina's phone call. Then when her voice cracks like she's trying not to cry. I want to give Ani lots of hugs. This is so hard for her and she's being so strong and not letting herself fall back into an unbalanced interdependency. Gina's tone at the beginning is very child like almost like she's lost and wants to say, "I don't understand. Why do you have to have to go away?" but she can't find the right words. Everything that Ani says is correct. She does need to not fall into the pattern of being the only one emotionally available, and she's only harsh and rough with Gina because she's just not understanding what Ani is saying she needs. I kind of feel like Gina is trying and wants to be the person that Ani needs, but that she's just not emotionally mature enough to do it. She needs someone to take her hand and lead her through.
The funny thing is that Ani knows how to do it, but she can't be the one to show Gina for so many reasons. She's too close and Gina's missteps will hurt Ani even though unintentionally. She's been patient and it hasn't been working so it's time to take the training wheels off and let Gina try on her own. What if Gina never gets there? Ani can't spend her life living for someone else alone. She has to live her own life too.
Right now Gina doesn't understand what or that anything needs to change, and until she acknowledges that Ani has valid concerns then every apology she gives is going to come across to Ani as insincere.
I like how excited Alan gets over fabric and textile samples for the hotel. It makes me smile.
Tracy and Gina can't keep their eyes off of each other either. Very Nice.
I really love the family-time drinks with Guya and Owen and Gina. Lots of talkign to each other, getting different perspectives and workign things out. I like that Guya is explaining to Gina that she needs to give Ani what she's asking for. Guya's ex-husband's-new-wife Tourette's and the little comments on the subject of the discussions. "He 'soonish'd me!" was hysterical, truly something that seems born from idle, comfortable banter. Then Owen and Gina teasing Guya about having to leave the room. lmao Gina saying she's going to play the triangle... tears. Does Guya just happen to have a triangle lying around? 'Cause that would be awesome! :)

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