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Friday, February 5, 2010

Days: Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh, Anna's in trouble with E.J. now. I hope Rafe keeps digging and finds Sydney. And that Sami listens and doesn't just chalk it up to Rafe's dislike of E.J.
Oh, Carly doesn't trust herself to stay away from Melanie's wedding so she's trying to make sure that she's stuck at the hospital.
Now Sami and Brady are getting suspicious of Anna too.
Yep, Anna it will all come crashing down. You need to run to the cops and turn E.J. in in exchange for protection. Yup.
Wow! Nathan is really trying to 'forget' Melanie isn't he?
Oh, Mel just called Kate on having Vivian's wedding gift. Ha!
Yes, Rafe. E.J. is suddenly really nervous. Why do you ask? :D
Haha, Kate, "Peace accord"?!?! Not likely! lmao
Aw, Carly is sweet and gentle when she's explaining to Chloe why she thinks that she should confide in Daniel. Excellent job handling a delicate discussion.
Okay, I love how Vivian runs up to stop Mel from opening the present and Mel looks at Kate and points at Vivian like, "What is the crazy lady having a heart attack about? And I thought you said that it was from the both of you now? What's going on here?" One pointing of the finger can say a lot you know. ;)
Is Sami going to get Rafe and tell him to come home? I sure hope so.
Okay, since she went straight to E.J.'s I'm guessing that she wasn't going after Rafe. :(
Aw! Ralph Waite is the priest! I used to watch the Walton's all the time!
Carly is going to so cave and go to the wedding in some way. She just can't stand seeing Melanie sad. The way she looks at her is like she wants to hug her and never let her go, but she's doing her best to hold back.

Kate. Oh, no. (I really hope that Carly keeps her defenses up a little)

Yay, for Rafe telling Sami that he still loves her and always will. :)

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