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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Days: Thursday. February 4, 2010

I'm not sure that Hope has Ciara's best interest in mind right now. No WAY is Carly more of a threat than Victor or Vivian. Besides, history has proven that Carly is great with Hopes kids! :) I love Carly storming into the room all ready to defend Bo's right to be able to have Ciara visit.
Melanie.... step away from the crazy lady bearing gifts.
Dude! E.J. it's not a good idea to take Giavonni away on a vacation when Sami is still dealing with Sydney being missing.
Rafe needs to shake Anna down. He'll learn a lot!
E.J. you can get away without being unreachable on a cruise.
Okay, loving the Target commercials on NBC.com so much better than the Cottonelle 'Roll Poll' commercials.
Hope, keeping her away from Bo is causing Ciara trauma. (Shallow side note.... Crystal looks absolutely amazing in these scenes.)
Maggie and Kate on the same side, against Vivian? This could be fun! :)
Ha, Vivian wasn't expecting Mel to be so excited about the present. It's very cute.
E.J. just said, he wasn't planning the trip 'straight away' but he just said that he had to get away from everything for a bit. He talks in so many circles it's a wonder no one has figured him out yet. My guess, he's planning the cruise for Giani so that he can kidnap him and have both of his children away from Sami.
Too bad that Anna isn't wearing her leopard print boots while she's talking to Rafe! :)
E.J. ...... Childcare 101: Flying Giani around like an airplane does not qualify as "not getting him riled up before bed." I'm just saying. ya know, for future reference.
Mel needs to step back and not let Vivian pet her. It's creepy and her mother would not approve. Heehee, Melanie nice try grabbing the present!
See Hope, if you don't let Ciara see Bo she's going to think he doesn't want her.
Okay, another side note. I would like to point out that Carly hasn't said anything for a couple of scenes, but she conveyed her tinge of guilt and regret over Hope using her against Bo, her disagreement Hope filing for custody is the right thing for Ciara, her hopelessness and sadness when Ciara looked at her over Bo's shoulder, and her helplessness and concern for Bo after Hope and Ciara left. Okay, continuing.....
Ooops, Sami wants Anna to stay, I wonder if E.J. will take Giani to visit Sydney at the cabin and make it there before anna gets back?
Of course Carly's going to make a move to leave Bo, she doesn't want you to hurt more than you already are, and especially not because of something she's done.
Yeah, Hope, dont' take your eyes off of Ciara. (I really feel like they're going to go the Bad Seed route with her. Like GL did with Hayden Panettiere when she played Lizzie Spaulding. Talk about DejaVu!)
Ooooooo Kate took the present Vivian had for Mel!
Mel is so cute with Maggie. "Don't you be jealous." Heehee. :) Aw, she's soooo Carly's daughter. I'm glad Maggie's going to be her "Mother of the Bride."
Carly shouldn't have to miss out on Mel's wedding. Is she gonna spy from the outside? She should be there.
I like that the set dressers have a little toy truck on the chair at Sami's. 'Cause you know whe there are kids in the house there is always a random toy somewhere it shouldn't be. :)
Okay, so Anna made it back and E.J. hasn't headed over there yet. Hm?

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