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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Days: Wednesday. February 3, 2010

Carly has every right to question Nathan on a professional level, she needs to be sure he can handle it. But she's also very much looking out for Mel. Yay for Mama Bear! :)
Melanie's new found appetizer menu of Teeny Tiny french fries and hamburgers!!! Totally adorable. :)
Uh, no Rafe, Arianna wouldn't be safer in prison. She'd get shiv-ed in her sleep.
E.J. >:(
Sydney is so cuuuute!
I'm wondering why Hope and Bo haven't sat Ciara down to really talk to her. No wonder she doesn't like Carly.
Ah, seating charts. Those are always a frustrating part of any event. That's why.... buffet style mingling rocks so much! Ha! :)
Ha, Hope almost had the bag Vivian was carrying. So close! :)
Wow, when I was a kid I never would have been allowed to just walk away and go to my room when one of my parents was trying to talk to me. Especially if I'd done something wrong. Ciara got of way too easy there.
Hope, what do you think Carly's clothes are doing at the house?
Ah, and there is the big like-mother-like-daughter moment. Carly sees Melanie making the same mistake she did with Victor. I really like Carly and Daniel scenes they play 'old friends' well.
E.J.'s arrogance is going to come back to bite him when Stefano finds out what's been going on.
What's Vivian doing? He just told her to handle the contents of the box with "utmost caution" and she goes and just tosses it in the bag.
If Hope has figured out why Carly killed Lawrence why doesn't she just tell Bo that she knows. She would have done the same thing if one of her kids were being threatened.
Ha! I like that Carly stopped Daniel before he said something about Melanie that would upset her.
Oh no. Mothers of the groom walking down the aisle together, Armageddon indeed!
Yeah, Hope! It's not okay for Ciara to visit in a house where Carly lives because she killed Lawrence, but it's okay for her to live in the Kiriakis mansion with Vivian and Victor, 'cause that's healthy! :-/
Don't open it Mel! Beware of gifts with black feathers on them given to you be crazy women! :D
Anna's "Sorry about your baby" note! Too funny!

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