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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Days: Thursday, March 25, 2010

Have I mentioned that I love Bo and Carly? Have I told you how I think they are so cute together? Just in case I haven't, I do and I do!
Justin is not happy with Hope right now, and I can't say I blame him.
E.J. wants to play chess with the governor? Heehee. I don't know E.J. is fooling him. He may intimidate him a little, but I think the governor might catch on to shiftiness when he's not being distracted by Anna and a bed. :D
Okay, I'm glad that Arianna's pearls broke, because the one shouldered short white wedding dress already made her look a little like Wilma Flintstone.
Besides that necklace was too long for that dress.
I think that Justin may be right. Just because Hope removed her wedding ring doesn't mean that she's moved on.
Aww, Vivian's being a witch, but Carly is just snuggling into Bo. Adorable! Plus snuggling is sweet anyway. Bo just threatened Vivian, woohoo!
Okay, E.J. just said, "You're a corrupt parasite" with a straight face and he wasn't looking in a mirror!
Nicole is looking very pretty but she needs to leave Brady and Arianna alone.
Sami: "I could have sworn that Nicole doesn't have a friend in the world except for Brady and 'Tweedle Dum'." Wow, she's not a Chloe fan huh?
Heehee, Brady checked out Nicole's story that she didn't escape. :)
Absolutely LOVE that Carly is surprised by Bo's emphatic defense and protection of her and threatening of Vivian. She didn't expect him to be so willing either. He looooooves her. :) Then poor Vivian when she realizes that. Someone told me that she can't help that she's crazy, and they were right. She can't help it she just doesn't understand the rules in this complicated game of life. People who have hurt her and killed her nephew shouldn't get to be happy. However, Vivian never stays in a sympathetic place with me for very long, she's too calculating for that.
Justin told Hope that he was in love with her and Adrienne heard him. This does not bode well.
Anna should not be taunting E.J. even if it is over the phone from an airplane. Did we really need the flashbacks to remember that Anna did in fact get Nicole's pardon from the governor?
Good for Brady telling Nicole to go! Baaaaaadddd for Brady letting Nicole kiss him goodbye!
Arianna looks like she's uncomfortable in that dress. I'm not sure that I've seen her stand up straight in it for any amount of time. She looked more relaxed and poised in the bikini.
Rafe!!!!!! Right on time dude! Smart cookie.
Adrienne has to speak to Hope and I love that she's standing her ground. Also, Judi Evans!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Carly is a little bit worried about this new side of Bo. She's loving the protection and love, but she's worried that he'll actually do something that he'll regret with regards to Vivian. Excellent, phenomenal, beautiful work from Crystal and Peter and Louise in these scenes!
Aw, Adrienne. You can work it out with Justin. I know he's all over the place, but he loves you too.
Aw, E.J. that shirt collar is feeling a little tight right now isn't it? Hehehehehehe. >:) Sami, do NOT let E.J. off the hook for keeping Anna's being in Salem a secret.
Bo has Carly reassured that he won't actually kill Vivian, I think he would though.
Victor thinks he would too. Now Vivian think she would and is going to marry Victor and move back to psychological manipulation. Good times. :)
Ah, Adrienne has Hope's number too. I hope she stays for a while and that they let her keep her current persona and not slip back into the whining clinging that they tend to let people slip into.
Mmmm, Bo and Carly, "I love you Princess." So sweet. (also side note: Makes me think of Olivia calling Natalia 'Princess' also so sweet. I have to say though, that Crystal said it much more adorably than Peter, 'cause, dudes, it's Crystal and she scrunched up her nose, and it was just cuuuuute!)

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