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Friday, March 26, 2010

Days: Friday, March 26, 2010

Rafe's got people on Nicole. Awesome! :) E.J. is presumptuous about Rafe not being at Sami's.
Aw, Kate reminding Stefano to take his meds. That's so sweet!
Brady looks like he wants to lock Nicole in a closet or something to get her to shut up.
He needs to stop touching her though.
Kate sounds surprised that Will is grounded. I like that he's talking to them about using him. It's crazy when the grandchild is talking sense into the grandparents.
I hope Brady means it, that he'd hang up the phone with Nicole and go back to dinner with Arianna. She needs his full devotion.
Love Kate's blue streak of hair! Also love her response to Will telling them what E.J. said. She was very much the defensive grandmother. Makes me happy! :)
Heehee. Rafe 'working things out' with E.J. in the room so her can gauge his reactions. Good job. Please let him figure it out soon!
Nicole being smooth with the marriage officiate is a little creepy.
E.J. 'thinking' of things from Anna's point of view is funny. Yeah, Roman put her up to it! :) Hehe.
Nicole's mommy! She is a great distraction for Nicole, and the Justice of the Peace is annoying with his conversation meddling.
Kate is all supportive with Will about Mia. "What's her last name?" "Don't start hatching a plan." Heehee.
Okay, the bar in Santo Domingo reminds me of the bar in the episode of ATWT that Jessica Leccia was in. I can't help it, but I keep looking for her at the bar in the background. She hasn't shown up yet. I'll keep looking though. :D
Ah, Dimera house is Grand Central Station. Love that Rafe followed E.J. there!
Nice E.J. turn it to look like you or the FBI blame Stefano. ::shudder:: E.J. is a creepy slimeball.
Brady, thank you for taking the dress off of Arianna! She needs to just get married in the bikini and wrap skirt. It's much prettier.
Hehe. Stefano swears on Elvis' life that he didn't know what Anna was up to. I'm not sure that's as powerful an oath as he might have intended.
Okay, Arianna can wear Brady's shirt instead of the wedding dress. I do NOT like Brady's little aside, "Yeah it sure is." Too dark and foreboding. I just want he and Arianna to be together. Nicole needs to go fishing somewhere else.
Not trusting Nicole that she's moving on. Nope. Not at all.
Stefano, he doesn't actually think that you'd kidnap Sydney, he's shifting blame and focus away from himself.
Oh, the dress is back. Arianna's first thought is that Nicole did something. I can't blame her at all.
Kaaaatteee!!!!! Way to go. It's set up for her to be the one to uncover E.J.'s involment in the plot.

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