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Monday, March 29, 2010

Days: Monday March 29, 2010

A hurricane that they never saw coming is putting the brakes on Arianna and Brady's wedding. Grrrr.
Justin is justifiably (heehee) upset with Hope.
Aw, Melanie and her Dad. Sweet! :)
Philip needs to back off of Carly!
Daniel is so cute trying to figure out how to act around Mel. Aw, Chloe is his family. He is soooo smitten. From Mel's perspective, I wonder how it feels to find out that your new husband's ex is also your stepmother.
Yay Carly!!!!!!! "I want you to stay away from me!" Don't back down, stand your ground! ::happy dance:: (Sidenote- Crystal just did this under the breath, mouth closed very low 'Oooooohhhh' when Carly turned away from the door that Philip pushed closed. I LOVE that she does little things like that. It immediately set a tone that she took his behavior as a threat and that she didn't want to fight with him because he was not speaking or acting like a sane person in that moment. I love learning from her! Back to the attempted intimidation.)
Heehee. Julie is telling Hope that she was ridiculous for calling Adrienne! :)
Brady's got something to say to Nicole? I can't wait. :D
Adrienne is being extremely calm while talking to Justin. She sooooo wants things back like they were. He's being a distant jerk to her right now.
I like the outfit Arianna has on now. That should be her wedding outfit. The top is uber cute. I want one!
Dude! Brady just told Nicole to not go back to Salem. I'm thinking that he just wants her out sight to make it easier for him. Grrr.
No, Adrienne, Stephanie was being insensitive.
Arianna gives us a new wedding mantra. "I will not let a hurricane or a crazy ex stop us from getting married."
Nicole's mom needs to have her committed.
You better be nice Brady.
Nicole said, "Hi kids." to Brady and Arianna. Ha!
Justin and Hope are way too adamant about understanding that Hope's not in love with Justin. Perhaps it is just the opposite?
I really really like Carly and Mel in scenes together. They are so very much alike.
Wow! Someone has really got to invest in some ice-melt there in Salem! I hope all that blood that Daniel instantaneously lost isn't going to cause any permanent damage.

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