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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Days: Tuesday March 30, 2010

Carly's going into doctor mode with Daniel, but they're giving Crystal nothing dialog wise here. Hhmm?
I don't like Victor being yet another person putting ill ideas about Carly into Chloe's head. Nope, don't like it at all.
So the pilot on the plane "Captain Elster" is an old acquaintance of Brady. Is he going to Marry Arianna and Brady on the plane? Would be nice. :)
Sami and Rafe have got some serious stuff to work out.
Victor, dude, I don't think that Carly wants Daniel that way.
Kinsey is annoying. Carly was too nice to her. Carly looks worried for Daniel and for Mel. Aawww.
I like Arianna messing with Nicole. I don't know why.
Poor Mel. She feels so sad without Daniel.
I like that Rafe is still trudging and searching for information on Sydney's kidnapping.
E.J. is annoying and needs to go away. I'm not liking Sami confiding in him.
Not only am I wondering why Nicole is explaining anything to Arianna, I also wondering why Nicole sits for an obviously bad conversation. Arianna should have just ignored her. The plane convo was very boring and no fights or anything.
E.J. leaves Samie alone. "However" if she keeps talking about missing Rafe, then by all mean, continue. :D
Victor is more fun when he's messing with Vivian.
I absolutely love that scene! Mel trying to put on the necklace that Daniel gave her and Carly coming out of the room and saying, "Let me help?" then Mel turning and Carly nodding that it's okay and then turning Mel around so she can get to the clasp then Mel tearing up and Carly saying, "It's okay." Just a beautiful scene! Very well done Molly and Crystal!
I think that E.J.'s suit is a little too shiny for everyday wear.
Yep, Kinsey needs to be smacked. Hard!
Oops, Carly just had another mis-step with Mel.
Okay, Commercial is for Milkbone and it said, Give dogs like Carly here..." Aawwww, I'm so not kidding!
Chloe needed to smack Kinsey!
Okay, mini Mel blowup. She's just stressed and scared.
Brady and Arianna should have gone 'home' to her room. Kiriakis mansion is a bad idea!
Okay, maybe Nicole will smack Kinsey?!?
She should have smacked Kinsey!
Sydney does not need any time with daddy. He is evil.
Aaw, sweet teary eyed Mel with Daniel.
Chloe looks less than pleased with Carly at the moment. :D
Brady, you do not need to talk to Nicole. Not now, not ever.
E.J. is upset to realize that he loves Sami. Hehehehe.
Nicole is asking for trouble, finding Sami on the docks and then calling out to her.

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