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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Days: Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Okay, really love that E.J. is so freaked out over figuring out that he's in love with Sami. Poor Sydney might develop a complex hearing him say, "What have I done? I love your mother." :D

Nicole is just asking for trouble finding Sami on the docks.
Chloe is going to blame Carly for Daniel being hurt. Why not. Everyone is supporting her thoughts that Carly is suspect.
Okay, Daniel remembers Melanie and that she's his daughter, he just sees two of her. Hhmmm?
Aw, Lexi is there to bond with her brother. Now she can say, "I told you so. I knew you were in love with Sami."
Rafe is not going to be easy on Nicole when he finds her.
Sami is right, Nicole has some nerve coming back. I think she might actually be fueled solely on her joy in irritating Sami.
Dr Williams is .... um .... dim. He's talking to Chloe because she's Daniel's fiancee, but he is using layman's terms and looking at Carly. Um, dude, she's a doctor. She knows what to expect.
Come on Sami, do it. Kick Nicole's ass! Do it! She so deserves it!
No Nicole, no you can't be civilized. You kidnapped her child, after stealing her as an infant! You can not be civilized. Geeez!
Nicole says, "That's over. I've moved on." Really Nicole?!? Some maternal instincts that you've just 'moved on' from the child that you thought of and felt was your own.
Well, if Daniel is seeing double he must be enjoying that Mel and Chloe and Carly are all in his room at the same time. :D I mean, come on. These are definitely not unattractive women.
Carly is just going to take more berating from Chloe because she's determined to not make things harder on anybody else in Salem. Yay! Mel stepped up and told Chloe that Daniel's fall wasn't Carly's fault and for Chloe to leave her alone. Woohoo! So sweet!
Okay, I can see why E.J. is upset with realizing that he loves Sami. I mean she did some pretty awful things to him. Granted he deserved it, but it is a little odd to realize that in spite of that he loves her.
Nicole, taunting Sami is the wrong way to go. Awesome punch Sami! She had to jump a little to get some height and leverage to make contact with Nicole's face, but it was good. Then she got a little relieved, satisfied smile in between wincing from the pain. Kind of like, "Man that felt good. I have wanted to do that for so long. But it hurts like heck! But it felt soooooo good!" And the way Nicole reeled from it.
Chloe, Mel and Carly. I really like this scene. Chloe starts off by being a little condescending to Melanie. She says, "Melanie, I'm sure you mean well, but you don't know what you're talking about. Okay ..." Then Mel actually cuts her off and starts talking over her to get her to stop, but she's not screaming or yelling, she's actually very calm and matter-of-fact, "It has nothing to do with meaning well. I'm just telling the truth. I'm the one who was yelling at Carly. Not Daniel." All this time Carly is in the background watching because she really doesn't want to aggravate the situation and feels that she is the cause of everyone's problems right now. It's like a sort of modern family tableau with newly found Mom and Daughter and dad's Fiancee. It's like Mama bear is watching to jump in if she has to and protect Baby bear from the wicked witch, but Baby Bear is standing her own ground beautifully, while protecting Mama Bear, and yet not protecting her at the same time. Soooo sweet!
Daniel and Chloe hugs. :) She needs the extra comfort right now with all of her insecurities about their relationship and her role in his life.
Love how Carly is so tentative when she brings the cup over to Melanie. (I really hope it was tea or hot cocoa though, because I think that the last thing that Melanie needs right now is coffee. :D ) Then when she thanks Mel for sticking up for her. Guh! So very moving. She's speaking so softly and carefully like she's walking on eggshells and is afraid she'll scare Mel away. Of course Melanie does kind of give off a Bambi vibe right now so Carly is right to be skittish. Melanie just about breaks my heart when she asked Carly to tell her the truth then asks, "Is my dad gonna be okay?" Really great job here to Molly, I think it's a great balance of fear and concern and need for her dad and the family and belonging she's found in him and being strong. Makes me want to hug Melanie.
Hhmmmm, so Rafe just told Arianna that Anna was blackmailed into getting the pardon for Nicole. Now she's all with the 'plotting' eyes. :)
Aw, Sydney's smile when Lexi called her an angel. So sweeet (Yes, I know editing, but the smile was killer)
Sami is sorry for hitting Nicole? What, don't apologize Sami. She deserved it. Hehe. When Nicole said, "I think you broke my jaw." Sami is all, "What? I didn't hit you that hard." and when she steps closer to see Nicole blindsides her with an incredible punch. Whoa! did not see that coming! Now it's on! They flipped the bench over! Awesome job kudos to Alison and Arianne. That was the best looking fight scene I've watched in a very long time.
Chloe doesn't look like she can handle it if Daniel doesn't make a full recovery. Maybe she's just nervous and worried, but she looks like she's terrified that she won't be able to stay.
Carly is stuck between mommy mode of wanting to say anything to take away her daughter's fear and Doctor mode with not wanting to give false hope. She tells Mel that she can't give her a definitive answer even though she wants to, and now Mel is worried because Daniel needs his eyes to work, being a doctor. And then she's to the point of blaming herself. Carly knew it was coming, she was just a few minutes ahead of Mel. Carly can't help but try and figure out if Mel is seeing her differently while trying to reassure her that it's not her fault. She wants her little girl's love so badly, that I don't even think she realizes just how much. She thinks that she can be strong and observe from the edge, but she really needs to be in the middle and she wants that relationship more than she's aware of I think.
Arianna has got some serious tension to work off, and that bike is ... um yeah. I do not like that she's confiding in E.J. about anything.
Heehee, Nicole: "Get off of me Sami." / Sami: "Are you uncomfortable Nicole?" Classic!
Oh, Rafe's there to break up the fight. Aaaaannd they're at it again. It's funny to see Rafe standing between them trying to keep them apart. So not working.
Carly said, "There's no one to blame, he slipped on the ice. It was an accident." I disagree. Can we please blame Kinsey for not de-icing the sidewalk? Please oh please? Mel, "Kay, yeah. Now he's just to get better." then she does this look that says, 'Thank you' to Carly. Aawwwww. :)
Melanie goes into Daniel's room and apologizes to him because he got stuck with her for a daughter. And there, my friends to everyone who wonders where people are getting that Mel and Carly have the same tendencies, it's right there. They are both so prone to take the blame, to see themselves as unworthy or a burden. Even though Carly can see it in Mel she's not as quick to see it in herself, or to correct it when she does see it.
Arianna just told E.J. that Nicole is the reason their elopement didn't happen.
Sami was flying across the police station to get at Nicole and Rafe kind of plucked her from the air. She was a little ball of fury.
Aw, Mel told Daniel that he should be glad Carly was there because she knew just what to do and it was pretty cool. Just so happens that Carly is walking into the room at the same time and tells him that Mel was quiet the professional too and that he would be proud. Mel looks at him with this wide eyed, excited look. I think she's warming up to the idea of having Carly as a mom, and Daniel as a dad, and even if she didn't get it when she was a child I think she's coming to love the family she has now. Aaaww, when she's looking back into the room through the window and crying. Oh my goodness that's so sweet.
Mel just thanked the doctor for being honest about Daniel's prognosis I'm not sure what he told her, but as soon as she saw Nathan her eyes filled with tears.
Daniel is talking to Carly, and says, "No more apologizing, please. Between you and Melanie, the guilt. I ...." I think it's cute because it's so very much a 'family' thing, and Carly doesn't even acknowledge that, she just skips over that he referred to them both together and explains that they "both feel so bad." Are they going to have them become a family, start interacting as a family without realizing it? Could be good times. :) Aw, Carly said, "She seems to think she jinxes everything." I wonder where Melanie gets that from Carly? Hmmm? Heehee. :) Aw, Carly, "She's not exactly 'mellow'." Ha, no Carly she's not. I love how she and Daniel both point fingers as to who she gets that from. It's so cute! And Carly has got to be feeling a little bit freer than before now that she can share Melanie's parentage with someone besides Bo and most importantly with Melanie's father. Of course Chloe would see Carly having grasped Daniel's hand, but Chloe, sweetie, before you get all jealous, please look at how far away Carly is sitting. She's had to lean forward and stretch her arm all the way out to reach his hand. It's a friend and comfort thing, she's not after your man.
E.J. is not happy to learn that Nicole is back in Salem. E.J. told Arianna not to trust Nicole, but Arianna, I'm telling you, not to trust E.J. please!
Rafe is not buying anything that Nicole is saying, and he's not holding back with her. He just threatened her with obstructing a federal investigation if she doesn't co-operate. I'm think she's not scared.

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