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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Days: Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm so behind that my "NBC Direct" subscriptions have expired on everything over 2 weeks old. :( Sooooo how's about I do little recaps and comments from what I posted in the BPD play-by-play threads? Sorry guys. I've been very bad at keeping things caught up. I apologize a lot! Cookie?
Hehehehehe. :)

Sooo looking at the pbp archives it appears that I missed the first few minutes of the show because I was caught up at work then I couldn't get the feed to stream.
Here's what I got. :D
Okay, right now Philip is with Mel on the docks and she's telling him about Dr William's assessment of Daniel.
Rafe is still grilling Nicole! Hehehehehe.
Ah, Rafe is asking Nicole to give up Anna's where-abouts. She's not so much with the being cooperative.Okay some how Vivian is at the hospital. And Justin is reminding her of the restraining order against Carly.
She said she had that revoked months ago. What?!? She can't actually do that can she?

Nicole is telling Rafe that she knows that Sydney doesn't belong with her. Um, yeah right. I believed that!
E.J.'s minion Manny is at the airport about to leave and never contact E.J. again. I don't think it's going to go as planned.
Dude! That bartender looks just like a guy I went out with!
Manny just tossed his cell phone in the trashcan at the airport bar and slipped something into his own drink. Medicinal induced amnesia? Hehehe.
Rafe came across oh "Benny" on a surveilence photo buying diapers and carrying a gun. Rafe's on a trail now.Ha! When Rafe released Nicole from questioning she went and found E.J.
Since he's in love with Sami again, and now Nicole is back with a chip on her shoulder are we going to get a repeat of the last year? Hhmmm. I guess that's okay since I didn't watch until Crystal came back, but still........ just wondering.
Justin: "You know Vivian you'd communicate a lot better with people if you didn't speak in tongues."

Vivian just told Justin and Carly that she and Victor are getting married.

Why is Justin suddenly being nice to Carly again?
Adrienne is giving advice to Stephanie.
She needs to not waste her time.
Mel is leaning up against and snuggling with Philip on the bench on the docks (the one that Sami and Nicole tipped over)
Now Vivian shows up. No good can come of this.

Rafe found Benny at the airport bar. Good times are coming!
Aw, Benny paid for Rafe's drink and flashed his wad of E.J. money.
This is fun to watch! Rafe is sooooo playing Benny.
He just said the name of the girl he was looking for (his lost love) was Anna Dimera.
I think Benny suspects something now.
Nicole says that Salem is her home. E.J. says, "Judging from what someone did to your face I don't think everyone agrees."
Dude! Nicole knows that it was E.J. who had Anna kidnap Sydney back from her!
Philip is telling Vivian that he and Mel aren't her children.
She says, "When you've reached the age of (gulp) 40 like i have you tend to think of anyone who's younger as children. No offence."

She says that it's every childs dream for their parents to get back together.

Nathan wants to talk to Stephanie. Hmmm?
Benny doesn't want to sit with Rafe anymore. He gets up to leave and Rafe says that he's got 6 guys on him, so he's not going anywhere.
Benny decides to sit down again.

Rafe tells Benny he's an agent and shows him the photos.

Benny says he doesn't know a 'Sydney'

Rafe says DNA tests proved that Benny had handled Sydney's stuffed animal that was left behind at the cottage. Hmmm? Interesting.
E.J. is playing dumb with Nicole. "I was never that close to Anna, so how could she betray me?"

What ever E.J.
E.J. just grabbed Nicole's wrist and pulled her halfway across the table. He's not so calm any more.
Justin and Carly
"Okay Carly you gotta help me out here."
Carly: "What's the matter Justin are you a little sleep depived? Drink your lunch?"

Adrienne meets up with Carly!

It's a little stilted.
I don't like this.
I wanted Adrienne to be happy to see Carly.
Philip: "What are you smoking Vivian?"

Philip does not believe that Victor and Vivian are going to get married.
She's trying to convince Mel that it's the truth.

Adrienne just asked Carly how Ciara is handling her being back with Bo.
She's rubbing Bo and Hope's history in Carly's face.
Adrienne, "Don't get too comfortable. Not with Hope around."
Adrienne, don't make me smack you.
Carly needs more of her defensive snark back. Pleeease?

Nathan broke off a dinner date with Steph and then broke things off all together. "It wouldn't be fair for me to date you when I still have feelings for Melanie."

Mel just freaked out at the thought of moving back in to the Kiriakis house.
Philip reassured her.
Benny stopped talking and called for a lawyer.
Benny is now arrested and Rafe said to read him his rights on video. Hehe. Taking no chances here.
Maybe Nicole did not know that E.J. was involved, but she's getting there.

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