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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Days: Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vivian has got to stop stalking Carly.
Mel and Nathan are going to have to actually talk things out.
E.J. has GOT to stop touching Sami.
Aw, Nicole thinks that Brady is going to take her back. Can't wait to see Arianna's reaction.
Holy cow. Arianna just told Brady he can put his hands anywhere he wants as long as there's not tickling. I have to say, "yeah that". Cause come on, it's Brady and Arianna! Also loooooove the color of her bikini. It's one that looks great on me. Too bad it's only the color and not the bikini that looks good on me. :D
Rafe is not giving up with the governor. Way to not back down!
Carly looks amazing!
Bo! He looks sooooo hot today! Love his no-nonsense with Victor about Vivian.
Rafe is not going to let this go. I love him for that. :)
Arianna and Brady are so cute. I'm afraid they aren't going to make it to the marriage. :(
Commercial: Uh, isn't a Yahtzee card game kind of defeating the purpose of 'Yahtzee' which was designed to be a dice version of poker in the first place?
Dude, Bo is ready to go to prison if it means that he's taken care of Vivian and is certain that she won't bother Carly again. Whoa! Bo just told Victor that he loves Carly! That's the first time since she's been back isn't it? ::happy dance:: Victor, I think Shawn Douglas might be happy that Carly is back. I hope he'd be.
I do not like that Vivian still rattles Carly. :(
Ha, Mel and Nathan are due to have this out.
E.J. needs to leave Sami's place. Ooooo he is not happy with Rafe's news that Nicole is free!
Ha! Nicole is worried that Arianna will call Brady in Santo Domingo. Sweetie, she's already IN Santo Domingo with him. Hehehehehe.
Is Carly wearing one of Crystal's shirts?
Island Arianna and Brady is a whole lot of pretty!
I hope that sad Melanie doesn't make Arianna reconsider the secret island ceremony.
Rafe is being great and protective! E.J. is crazy when he's not in control. :)
I love the way Carly grabs Bo's lapels.
Victor just told Vivian to chill with the Carly vengence in exchange for himself. Dude! He loves Bo. So sweet. He cares more about Bo than about himself. That's actually nice to see even if it's creepy the thought of him being Vivian's footstool.
Aw, Mel is crazy happy about Arianna and Brady. Awesome! :)
Sami isn't going ot like all the security, but Rafe's right. It's the best plan.
So she's decided that they aren't on a break now. Rafe is just a puppy on a string with her. I'd like to see her treat him with more respect.
Hey! How come Arianna is still in a bikini, but Brady put his shirt back on?
Come on Vivian, take the deal!
Aw, Bo told Carly that he loves her! Not sure why he didn't kiss her, but he looks honestly worried that something might happen to her. Aawww. LOVE them! I missed this version of Bo. The one that's not just a 'hero' but honestly loves Carly and wants to protect her because he can't imagine her not being there. ::smitten:: :)
Why does Melanie's daydream version of Nathan look like an extra from Miama Vice?
Okay, there's the Bo and Carly kiss! Wow!
Oh, no! The marriage officiate forgot the license? :( Dude he just outed the wedding to Nicole!
Oh, the governenor outed Anna without realizing that E.J. didn't know. Oh, Victor just told Rafe about Anna! Awesome!

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