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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Days: Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Surprise Melanie! Someone's in the kitchen. Ha.
I like Hope in cop mode. She has a self assured-ness that she doesn't in other aspects of her life.
Hehehe. Anna is hard to get a handle on. Sometimes she seems so slow and naive, and then other times she's wicked clever.
I wish Rafe would listen to Nicole so that he can find out about Anna, but I do like that he's not taking the kidnapper of basically his little girl too at her word. Nicole gets pampered a lot, I'm glad the kid gloves are off right now.
Oh, the girl in the kitchen is Sophie, home health care? Ha! Mel, "Was I too pushy?" No, Melanie, handing her her purse and jacket while shoving her out the door isn't too pushy at all. :D
Aw, way to go Maggie. Be the parent. Get Melanie to talk about her feelings. :)
Hahaha. Rafe. Nice call on Nicole's self centered-ness.
Sage advice Maggie. Grasshopper seems receptive too.
Oh, Hope, bad form. You really shouldn't be the one to initiate a hug after you turn the guy down.
Rafe to Nicole, "Kidnapper deserves to be punished. Is that some sort of new revelation for you?" Me = ::snort::
Aaaddriiieeeennnnnnneee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) She looks amazing! I hope that she sticks around for a while. She can keep Justin on the right track. So excited!!!!!!
Warden's phone call.... ::rollseyes:: now it will take forever for Rafe to find out about Anna.
Adrian has a right to be angry with Hope. She now feels like she's opened herself up while Justin doesn't seem to have come back around. He's been playing and hasn't really had time to contemplate and work on his relationship with Adrian.
Funny, the governor is all wanting to re-create the 'incriminating evidence' with Anna now that the photos are in his control.
Kate? Yeah, right Nicole. It was Kate. Uh huh. Yes Rafe! Way to call out Nicole.
Oh, Nicole, your 'Second Chance' is getting married, he's not really away on business.
Oh, Rafe confronting the governor. This could be gooooood. :)

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