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Monday, March 22, 2010

Days: Monday, March 22, 2010

Ah, Daniel took Carly into the police station to make sure she lets them know about Vivian's threats. I wonder if Bo will get jealous of Daniel being protective of Carly.
Dude, E.J. don't make Theo look like a liar. Man up. Admit you're a sleezebag-psycho-dad who had Sydney the whole time.
Ha, now Lexi thinks that Stefano had Sydney? Hehehe.
Bo and Daniel are so going head to head over the best way to protect Carly. It's sweet. :)
Yeah, Vivian. You and Gus keep right on using that public wi-fi to plot your murderous strategies.
Aw, Sami thinks she and Rafe should 'take a break'. :(
Lois really should get fired for all the personal time she spends just lounging around talking to Nicole.
Ah, Rafe and Will bonding at the gym. :)
Heehee. I seriously doubt that Nicole could throw a fingernail polish bottle THAT hard that she breaks the bottle and makes the color splat on the wall. The splat effect was pretty though.
Okay, seething Bo is a little psychotic looking. I think he may have crossed from sweet and protective of Carly to crazy town. :(
I like Gabby when she's with Arianna. But not when she's with the other 'high school' kids. The sisters are sweet together.
E.J. is a goner. He is so smitten with Sami. I still don't like him. I'm just pointing it out.

Okay, note to self (and other office dwellers) Crystal kissing ANYone on screen is not really office friendly viewing. Okay, carry on. :)
Bo and Carly are sooooo cute!

Hmmmm? If Rafe believes Nicole, things could progress nicely.

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