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Friday, March 19, 2010

Days: Friday, March 19, 2010

Wow! I'm caught up! Okay, on with the show.
Heehee. Lois called Nicole 'Cookie'. Heeheehee.
Well, E.J. Sydney isn't exactly like a 'new baby' the twins already had that experience with Grace, so Sydney is not only bigger, but is like a part of their entourage.
I want the blouse that Arianna is wearing. You know, for future reference. :D
Holy crap!!!!! That is a HUGE ring that Brady gave Arianna!!! Wow!
Vivian needs to be pushed in the water.
Ha, Brady, "an episode of Gangster Knows Best." lol
Daniel, there's more at stake for Chloe to tell you she's not going to the therapist. You seemed to push it on her and not give her a real chance to say no.
Hehe. Carly threatening Vivian is so very much fun to watch. Crystal does that well. Who wants to see her as the witch in 'Into the Woods?' She could do it. I know she doesn't think she could, but she'd kick serious Sondheim .... um... measure. ::smile::
Ah, the governor is on to Anna.
Dude, Lois is going to be RICH by the time Nicole gets out of prison! :)
"Another display of the famous Manning spunk. I hate spunk." That's it! Carly looks like she's on a slightly updated remake of The Mary Tyler Moore Show with the hair and the outfit.
Then Carly clears her throat so she can scream properly. Hehehe.
Daniel coming to ward off Vivian? Interesting.
Sami and Rafe have a lot of trust issues to work through. I'm glad that they're talking it out though.
First of all, Vivian... the reason that Carly seems "to have an endless supply of men ready to leap to her defense at any moment. What is that?!?" is ... well... she's awesome and sweet and compassionate and awesome again. :D
Secondly Carly, "I'm fine. Can you make it shut up?" Hilarious!
Hehehe. Daddy's mad at Vivian now. And Carly is so proud. She just needs someone to protect and love Melanie as much as she does. But now Carly is going to be worried for Daniel's safety all over again now that Vivian has formally threatened him.
So now that Theo knows about Sydney's 'kidnapping' is he in danger? I sure hope not.

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