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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Days: Thursday, March 18, 2010

Victor said Vivian has a 'strange new haircut' I think it looks very 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' :)
So Vivian is rocking the early 1920s hair and Kate's got a very 1930s fashionable 'do'. I think it's fun. :)
Yeah. Mel is still anti-bonding with Carly. Maybe with some time.
Aw that look from Mel. She's about to fall apart. She really needs mommy hugs. :)
Oh, Chloe is so not fine.
Philip is getting on my nerves. And Melanie made Carly cry. :(
Kate is relishing telling Vivian about Carly being free. It's fun!
Chloe is going to make me not like her for a while isn't she?
Okay, Daniel was actually right in telling Carly that he couldn't keep her informed about Melanie and not tell her or Chloe. As much as Carly needs to know that Mel is okay, she needs to not come between Daniel and either of his relationships by having more secrets.
I'm loving this weird Kate looking out for Carly kind of weird alliance. :)
I like that Melanie is living with Maggie right now. It's good for both of them.
Carly needs to run. RUN! Away from Vivian.

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