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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Days: Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sydney really looks like she wants to give E.J. some advice.
Okay, the bowtie on Kate was a bad idea.
I want to hear what Mel has to say. I hope it's good. :)
I wonder what name Anna's plane ticket was under.
With her hair half pulled back and the suit that she's got on, Carly kind of looks all 60's secretary, kind of like a version of Jackie Kennedy. Hehe. It's a good look for her.
Gabby isn't dumb when she's paying attention. She can do so muhc better than Chad anyway, and doesn't need to get involved in Mia's mess and manipulations.
Dude, Kate! Using your grandson to get at Sami and Sydney, that's wrong. Smart, but wrong.
Hhmmm? Waiting to see what Melanie ends up saying.
Anna just outed herself to Nicole. Ha!
Well Vivian isn't going to be too happy that Mel spoke to Carly's intent with the shooting. Carly's expression and tears are just KILLING me! Come on Crystal, give a girl a break! :D No, really. Amazing stuff. Great to see the talent. Aww, her baby is like her. Doing the right thing even though it hurts. I bet you she still won't have anything to do with Carly after the hearing. At least for a while.
Word, to Mia..... It can't be secret dating if you're kissing in the middle of the coffee shop.
Leaving Stefano alone with Sydney is NOT a good idea Will!
Oh, now she gets! Because the dock is so much more public than 'Java'. Nobody goes there. Geez! :)
Aawww. Carly mouthing, "Thank you" and Melanie nodding 'You're welcome.' was so sweet. Maybe I have misjudged Mel. Can't wait to see! :) Mmm. Maybe not. :)

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