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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Days: Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oooo Knight in shining Justin. I can't believe that he ever called himself Carly's friend. He's so not right now.
Oh, Anna you're never out of reach of a Dimera. Don't you know that? :)
Dude! Did Vivian just have a headstone created for Lawrence? And 'Loving Husband' is on it? Ha!
Of course Hope has something else to say. She always has something else to say to Carly.
What sounds like foleyed background noise of dishes clattering, makes it sound like 'Java' is in the cafeteria dish washing room.
Aw, Mel was a little heartbreaking when Max was about to leave. ;(
See Hope? Carly is noble.
Hehehe. Anna has a surprise caller. Ha!
Philip needs to quit whining.
Nicole has not been in prison long enough that she actually believes that Anna could get on any plane even one about to board and get ANY where 'within the hour'. I'm just sayin'
Wow, Justin is looking out for Carly by calling Daniel? I guess, better late than never right? :)

I don't know why Hope felt she needed to tell Vivian about Carly's plan to plea, but I'm glad that people have her back for one reason or another. She doesn't trust or care about Vivian either.

Carly doesn't need to be a martyr right now. I can see why she wants to, but she doesn't need to be.
Did Daniel just call Melanie 'Honey'? Aw, and he told Melanie about Carly's plan to plea. Is she going to save her mommy? :)

Melanie to save the day! I hope she does. :)

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