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Friday, May 28, 2010

Days: Friday, May 28, 2010

We open with Maggie telling Victor to run away. He has a thought and looks at Maggie "What s ride it could be." Aawww. He wants Maggie to go with him. Maggie: "You could do a world of good for the people of Greece." Aaawww, I really like this Maggie Victor dynamic.

Nicole and Kate are in the garden. They have giant martini glasses! :)

Maggie comes into the foyer where Carly and Melanie and Chloe are waiting. Mel and Chloe and Maggie are trying to figure out why Victor is doing it. Carly is silent.

Bo tells the guys that Victor is marrying Vivian because of something he put into motion, but he doesn't tell them what it is.

Maggie has a plan. She's worried that this is only Phase 1 for Vivian and that she's wanting to isolate Victor from his family. Maggie wants everyone to stay close and put the pressure of their presence on Vivian.

Bo tells the guys that he made Victor responsible for 'containing' Vivian, and he feels that it's his fault so he needs to stay. Daniel wants to know how he and Philip will handle Vivian's trying to kill Mel after she and Victor are married.

Victor is determined to hold up his end of the bargain, and hold her to her end.

Hey, it's Rafe! He's going to get a roomie in his prison cell. The guard says he's an assassin.

Carly wants the guys to listen to Maggie's plan. It is a good plan.

Kate is trying to smooth things out for Victor with Philip. He's ready to leave, but Mel steps out to talk to him about that.

Victor comes into the foyer and thinks everyone has left.

Mel wants Philip to talk to Maggie before he decides anything because "Maggie explains it better than I do."

Bo wants to talk to Mel. He thanks her for everything she's doing for his brother and everything. Mel: "You've just saying that cause you want to get it good with my mom." Awww.

Ciara wants to put her gold star from school in her treasure box, right away. Hope says they have to stop off at Victor's anyway.

Victor walks into the den and sees everyone still there. Awww.

Vivian is wearing black and red not the veil that Maggie was looking at earlier. What happened?

The wedding officiate gets to "Speak now or forever hold your peace." and all of the guests are making faces and covering their mouths. Carly asks Bo if he's sure he doesn't want to stop this. He says the ball is in Victor's court.

Rafe's roomie arrives. He's been beaten and is passed out. Rafe is tentative, but approaches the new guy. He pulls the hood off the new guy's head and says, "Oh my God, it's you." The camera pans down and it looks like it's Shane (Donovan)! Woohoo!!!!!

Victor has something to say. Vivian says, "You can't object at your own wedding." Victor says, "Says who?" Heehee. Victor is thanking everyone for coming and staying and that they all probably think he's crazy. Kate: "He wrote his own vows. How sweet." Victor: "You probably all want an explanation for what I'm doing. Well you don't always get what you want."

Whoa!!! Shane is off, he wakes up and attacks Rafe.

Victor to wedding officiate, "Vivian, this one is Vivian." Hehehehe. Kate, Nicole and Carly are all remembering their own wedding to Victor. Vivian is remembering her first wedding to him also. Victor is so going half-assed through the ceremony. Victor walks off "I need a drink." Ha!

Rafe finally gets Shane off of him and starts explaining who he is and that he knows who Shane is. He has to bring up Sami to make Shane stop and listen.

Kate to Victor: "All the scotch in the world isn't going to make you forget what you just did."

Victor to Bo: "Are you happy now?"
Bo: "No"
Victor: "Neither am I."
Bo: "I didn't want you to marry her, I wanted you to out her in jail.."
Victor: "You don't want Vivian in jail for the sake of justice. You want her in jail for Carly."
Victor: "So if my wife. God it pains me to say that. If my wife belongs in jail, so does your precious Carly."
Carly overhears that. I'm guessing Bo didn't let her in on that little piece of why he was putting the pressure on dear old Dad.

Carly is still listening from across the room. Bo says that it isn't Carly's fault. Victor says that all the misery started when she came back. Bo says, "Acutally I recall being pretty miserable before that." Hehe. Yep, yep you were.

Mel overhears Daniel say that he and Chloe are getting married as soon as possible. Mel is not happy. Nicole wants Carly, Kate, Nicole and Vivian to take a photo together to have all of the Mrs Kiriaki past and present. Heehee.

Shane is having Rafe tell him as much as he can to prove he is who he says he is. Rafe mentions Kimberly, but can't name her and Shane's kids "Sami's family tree has a lot of branches." Heehee. Shane is surprised that Sami Brady had ANOTHER Dimera child. Hehehe. Shane tells Rafe that he's worse off for being associated with Shane.

Victor tells Maggie that he thought halfway through the ceremony that they would be at the airport right then.
Maggie chastises Victor for going against everyone and making a deliberate effort to make Vivian miserable and hurt her feelings. Victor says Vivian doesn't have any feelings. Maggie calls Vivian and idoit. "You'd have to be an idiot to marry you." Ouch Maggie. :)

Shane is talking about what he was doing and how he got caught. The ISA has 'disowned' him after he got caught as standard operating procedure. Shane and Rafe both want to get out. They have a deal to help each other get out.

Daniel announces to the peeps at Victor's that he and Chloe are getting married right away too. Mel is not happy and downs the last of her champagne. Carly gives Chloe the "Tell Him" look.

Bo smells something wrong with Daniel's announcement. Carly tries to cover for Chloe.

Oh, Hope and Ciara just got to Victor's. Vivian is throwing the bouquet. Carly catches it just as Hope walks in. Ha!

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