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Monday, May 31, 2010

Days: Monday, May 31, 2010

Repeat of the last scene from Friday. Hope and Ciara get to Victor's and Vivian is getting ready to throw the bouquet.

Dr Baker is musing to himself about how Avenger is going to go ballistic when she finds out that he and Nicole had planted evidence pointing to Arianna.

Arianna has the same public defender that Nicole had. She's already pretty sure that Arianna is guilty.

Hope walks in just as Vivian throws the bouquet and Carly catches it.

Bo is filling in Hope on Vivian using Henderson's phone to get everyone to the house for her surprise wedding. Ciara asked Bo if since Carly caught the bouquet it means that he and Carly are getting married. He doesn't answer, but looks surprised.

Maggie goes over to talk to Ciara and Ciara is now holding the bouquet that Carly caught. :)

Carly asks Justin if he's noticed a change in Hope. She mentions that Hope was nice to her recently and now she's back to not being nice. Justin blames it on her walking in to see her catching the bouquet.

E.J. walks into the room where Arianna is trying to get her public defender to actually defend her.

Maggie is talking to Daniel and Chloe about what a happy couple they are. Daniel starts thanking Maggie for talking them into staying and he tells her that even though he hates what Victor has done, that he cares about him, and that she was right and Vivian needs to know that they are standing behind him. Victor is standing a few feet away and over hears it. Carly is on the other side of the room drinking lemonade and cuts her eyes over to Chloe before having a flashback of giving her the you-tell-him-or-I-will discussion. She walks over to Chloe and Daniel, "Hey, I have something to say to the two of you. It's about your wedding." ... commercial....

Before she can say anything Victor comes over and pulls Daniel over to the side. Chloe wants to know if Carly was going to tell him right then and Carly says no, that she was going to ask that they make Melanie part of the wedding. She says that she's decided it's not her place to tell.

Mel and Philip are in the courtyard. Carly comes up and says that she was looking for the two of them. Philip says he has to talk to his dad and leaves. Mel is upset and says that she does feel good about Chloe and her dad getting married. Carly says that she thinks they'll be alright. Mel says that she claims to love Daniel but then tells Philip all of this stuff. Carly wants to know what kind of stuff. Mel says that she doesn't know, but that she doesn't want her father marrying someone like that. Carly smiles and points out that Mel already cares about him. Mel agrees that she does and says that she and Carly are kind of the only family he has. Carly points out that he loves Chloe. Melanie says, "Guys always love Chloe. Can't see past her big....... eyes." She and Carly laughs then Mel says that she has an awful feeling that Chloe's really going to hurt him.

Arianna asks E.J. what he's doing there. Public defender makes a joke about Dimeras and police stations. E.J. is offering to represent Arianna himself.

Philip is telling Chloe that he's glad nathan didn't say anything because he doesn't want to lose Melanie. Mel walks in and asks how he'd lose her.

Bo and Hope are talking about Ciara's mention of the treasure box. Justin walks in with Justin right then. Bo asks if Ciara saw something that looked like a treasure box. Ciara says, "No, I'm not lying. Mommy is."

Philip covers by saying that he could screw up. She says that she already told him he's the perfect husband. Chloe steps in and says, 'He was just saying that he hopes you always see him that way." Mel says that Vivian is going to cut the cake with a switchblade and pulls Philip to the other room.

Victor and Maggie are talking. She's surprised that he found out she was the one who talked everyone into staying to support him. She says, "Despite all the bone headed things you do these people love you very much." Victor says, "What about you?" Maggie is taken by surprise. She sneaks out while Victor is distracted.

Bo tells Ciara that he needs to talk to Hope. Ciara says that nobody ever believes her and runs off. Hope starts after her, but justin stops her and goes himself. Bo says that it's such an easy thing to disprove that it's odd for her to make it up.

Inside Ciara tells Vivian that she looks very pretty. Vivian says that's the sweetest thing anyone has said to her all day long.

Maggie is home and talking to Mickey (the photo of him and her) she said how dare he leave her alone to get through events like today, but that she made it. She's crying and says taht this is when she misses him the most. Victor shows up and asks if she's crying, she says of course not, the flowers were getting to her. Victor says with all the flowers and long faces that it felt like a wake. He and Maggie laugh.

Vivian walks into the den where Carly is the only person and asks Carly what happen to her bouquet. Carly says, "I lost it." Vivian is asking where Bo and Hope are and Kate comes in and asks Vivian where Victor is and then suggests that he's on the roof waiting for her. Carly finds that very amusing. Vivian runs off and Kate mentions that she saw Carly and Chloe in a less than friendly discussion. She tells Carly that Chloe was cheating with Daniel for months while she was with her son. Then she asks if Carly had ever asked Victor about Chloe. Carly says no because she doesn't talk to Victor. Kate says that Brady was All-American-Boy before he got involved with Chloe, but afterward = drug addict. This does not set well with Carly.

Carly finds Chloe, she's extremely upset. She says that she's just found out some things that make her very very uneasy. That's putting it mildly. :D

Arianna wants to know how she can trust E.J. He asks her if she has a dollar. She says that they took her purse, then remembers something turns away from him and digs a folded up dollar out of her bra. It's her lucky dollar. He hands her a receipt for services rendered and says that now anything she tells him is covered under attorney client privilege and that he can't tell anyone what she says. She asks if that's "Real law or DiMera law." Ha! :) He says that it's the law that will get the charges dropped. She says that she's just hired herself an attorney.

Hope and Bo are going to look under her bed to see it there's a treasure box. No, really. That's not a euphemism they actually are going to look for the treasure box that Ciara says is there.

Chloe wants to know who Carly has been talking to. She figures out that it was Kate. Carly says that unless Daniel knows then she has no choice but to try and convince him to not marry Chloe and leaves. Vivian walks up concerned to Chloe.

Arianna wants to know why E.J. is doing all of this. He says because when he was going through a hard time Arianna didn't judge him. They reach out and are comfortingly holding each others hand when Brady walks in.

Bo finds the box under Hope's bed. She doesn't remember ever seeing it. Bo opens it up and they both look inside, Hope looks surprised, but we don't get to see what it is.

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