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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Days: Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gaby shows up at the DiMera Mansion to ask Sami if she knows where Rafe is.

Nicole asks Dr Baker where the wallets are that he and his partner stole.

Cut to Hope and Bo opening the treasure box and finding it empty.

Daniel tells Carly that he and Chloe are getting married the day after tomorrow. She's evasive. He wants to know what's up.

Auntie Viv is going to help Chloe get Carly out of her life. Hmmm? Bad mojo.

Victor and Maggie are sweet. He's helping her not be so sad and she's being very comforted by it.

Daniel asks Carly if she has a problem ith him marrying Chloe and she says, "Yes. Yes I do and you deserve to know why." ...commercial ...

Gaby asks Sami to talk to Roman to help Arianna. Sami doesn't feel the need to do that and says that she's sure her dad's doing what he can.

E.J. leaves Brady and Arianna alone to "catch up". I refuse to like E.J.! I will resist with every fiber of my being. Arianna send Brady away again.

Dr Baker says his partner has the wallets and Nicole tells him to have her get rid of them. And to tell her that there should be no more attacks. He resists and she tells him that he will tell her who his partner is. Cut to Hope and Bo. She's convinced Ciara is lying even though Bo points out that there is in fact a box even if it is sans treasure at the moment. Oh by the way, Ciara has the wallets in her backpack.

Chloe dismisses Vivian's help and walks out. Vivian can tell that she's scare to death of Carly and you can hear the plot hatching in her crazy little mind. :)

E.J. got Arianna an arraignment for later today. She needs clothes and Brady says that he'll get them, she would rather it be Gaby but Brady is adamant and heads out. Arianna wants to know her chances and they start trying to figure out where the evidence came from. Their goal is to get her out for good tonight and not just on bail.

Chloe is sulking when she runs into Nicole.

Daniel tells Carly that for the first time since he lost Rebecca he doesn't hurt anymore. She still plans on telling him but there is a commercial break.

Chloe won't tell Nicole what she did only that Daniel will never forgive her. Nicole's advice is to get married now because Daniel won't back out after they're married.

Carly is trying to tell Daniel but he's not going to listen and decides to answer his page instead. Grrrrr. >:-(

E.J. gives Arianna the list of each time and place for the assaults. He wants her to provide an alibi for at least one of them.

Carly shows up at Chloe's apartment. She tells her that Daniel talked to Father Matt (I like Father Walton better. :P ) and that she's running out of time to tell Daniel, that she has to do it tonight.

Carly is trying to convince Chloe to tell Daniel and that Daniel will forgive her and that she truly hopes she does. Chloe isn't planning on telling Daniel anytime soon.

Hey! Hope takes a pill. Someone is going to get knocked out. :)

Maggie mentions that this is the second wedding she's been to since Mickey died. Aawww!. She wonders if she'll remember the sound of his voice. Victor says no one will forget Mickey. He starts talking about Isabella. I miss Izzy B! ::sniff:: Victor gets a call from Vivian and is perturbed.

Brady runs into Nicole on his way to get clothes for Arianna. She stops him and wants to talk. Step out of the way Nicole! He's only got a couple of hours to get her clothes back to her.

Arianna notices that the day Justin was attacked was the day after she and Brady got back from Santo Domingo and that she was giving Nicole the check to get out of town at the time.
E.J. finds this odd that Nicole could have come to her rescue at any time and didn't. Now he's trying to figure out why she hasn't. E.J. leaves to check facts and Arianna thanks him for her first moment of hope since she was arrested.

Sami leaves a message about Arianna for Rafe.

Chloe wants to get married tonight. Daniel says that he knows she wants Father Matt so they can wait until tomorrow. He goes to tell Melanie in person.

Carly brushes off Bo's question about her errand and says that she's more concerned about Ciara. Aawww she's such a good mommy! :) Bo says that they have time to bond with Ciara while Hope gets much needed rest.

Sami goes to the station to check on Arianna who says, "With any luck I can get out of here tonight."

E.J. shows up at The Cheatin' Heart to get some info from Nicole. Hehehehehe.

Victor tells Maggie that talking to her is the most fun he's had all day. Cut to Vivian in the courtyard with the wedding chairs and she's crying.

Chloe wants to stop Carly but not do something awful like Vivian wants.

Bo leaves Ciara and Carly in the room alone while he goes to make a call. Carly is going to read Ciara a story and reaches for her backpack to see what she brought. Ciara says, "Leave them alone they're my secrets."

Arianna tells Sami that E.J. is the one representing her. E.J. tells Nicole that he knows what she did to Arianna but what he doesn't know is why. Hehehe. I hope that he answer doesn't make him reconsider his helping Arianna.

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