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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Days: Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It looks like Chloe has decided to call Vivian. We'll see maybe not.

Daniel tells Mel and Philip that he and Chloe are getting married tomorrow. Mel shouts, "No!"

Arianna is talking to her mother. She's telling her not to come to Salem for Gaby's sake. She doesn't want her to worry. She's in tears and apologizes for disgracing the family and says that her attorney is working on it right now. Meanwhile E.J. is asking Nicole why she has done what she's doing to Arianna. Nicole is shocked and spill her drink. :) E.J. however is not talking about the framing like Nicole thought, but about not giving Arianna an alibi. Hehehe.

Bo goes off to call his mom and tell her about Victor. That's how Carly ends up alone with Ciara. replay backpack and secrets scene but with Carly appearing very much more like a mother than in yesterday's show. Aawwww. However Bo overhears Ciara tell her, "Stay away from me."

Avenger is calling Dr Baker. She's up for some good times. Dr Baker is worried that he's Avenger's target. Hehehehehe.

Daniel wants Mel to explain her reaction. She's all stuttering and finally gets out that she thinks it's fast. Daniel however is determined and Philip supports him. Of course her does.

Vivian is all hyped about the possibility of Chloe having it in for Carly. And Chloe's on the phone. She's interested in Vivian's plan and is ready to be more proactive in her pursuit of happiness. This can not end well. I think now is a good time for Carly and Bo to take Ciara on a nice beachy vacation. Yep.

Caroline just found out about Victors wedding from Brady. Oops! Caroline is NOT taking it well.

Carly knows that Bo overheard and says that "It was really my fault." She leaves Bo and Ciara alone so that he can talk to her about trying to be more accepting of Carly. He asks Ciara to tell him what the secret treasures are. Cut to Avenger and Dr Baker.

Avenger knows that Dr Baker framed Arianna and she is not happy. She specifically told him not to and this is a betrayal. She's all waving her gun around. Hehehe.

Nicole and E.J. are dancing around Arianna's case. E.J. says that yes there is evidence, but that there is also an alibi. Nicole is caught by surprise and asks if it's someone who can testify. E.J. tells her that it's her. Hehehehhe.

Dr Baker says that once they pull off another mugging then Arianna is free. She says she's not mugging anymore that that phase is done and Arianna is the perfect red herring. Now on to the next phase.

Ciara shows her dad her secrets, but only him. However there is a knock at the door before her can find the wallets. Caroline is livid with him for allowing Victor to marry Vivian.

Chloe is having second thoughts. Vivian says, no "You just need hope and hope is my middle name." Really? Are there 2 Hopes trying to make Carly miserable?

Caroline says at least Bo could have called. He did but she didn't get the message. I guess Ciara was sent up to her room so they could talk. She isn't there now.

Mel is trying to figure out what's going on with Daniel and Chloe. She's doing a great job of it. Very much like her mother. Aawwwww! :)

Brady brought Ari her clothes and wants to talk to her. The guard is kicking him out because it's not visiting hours.

E.J. tells Nicole that she was receiving a check from Ari when Justin was being mugged. E.J. thinks that Nicole is the one who set her up and is determined to prove it. Hehehe. Okay, this might be fun.

Vivian is telling Chloe about her elevator trapping of Carly.

E.J. laughs at Nicole's being a reporter. :) He's got several theories about Nicole's framing of Arianna and the attacks. E.J. making her fight him might just make her inadvertently free Arianna anyway. Hehehe.

Daniel wants Philip to walk Chloe down the aisle. Um, all things considered. Ew! Talk about traditions and ceremonial passing off or property. WoW!

Chloe is trying Vivian's nerves. She's guzzling that wine! Hehehe. She's given Chloe a phone # for a contact who will help her. Chloe gets angry at Vivian, "Stop being so cryptic. I am not stupid! I'm going to lure Carly onto an elevator and then what? What's going to happen?" Hehe.

Uh oh! Avenger has taken Dr Baker to Bo's house. That's her next phase. Um. This can't be good.

Uh E.J. goes back to tell Arianna the news. Nicole is panicking and trying to find out if the check date is the same as Justin's mugging date.

Carly is at the docks and runs into Daniel. She apologizes for her comments earlier. She asks when he's telling Chloe about the new wedding date, he says he's already told her. Clearly Carly expected Chloe to tell Daniel when he told her about the new date.

Chloe was rambling and just figured out that Vivian's elevator scheme will not just stall the elevator and trap Carly with will "do what needs to be done."

Carly is feeling Daniel out to see if Chloe told him about the affair. She knows when he says that Chloe wanted to get married tonight, that she did not in fact tell him.

Vivian spell out the elevator plan to Chloe who blanches at the idea, but really wants to not have to worry about Carly any more.

Arianna is now worried that Nicole won't tell the truth about the check. Um, wasn't Arianna's arraignment supposed to have already happened? Wasn't that why Brady was getting clothes for her?

Nicole is turning down an assignment to interview D.A. Woods. But sees an angle to work Brady.

Avenger is waxing nostalgic outside of Bo's house. Um is Carly actually a 'newer model'? Dr Baker has just found out that Bo is Avenger's ex-husband. Avenger is looking through the window and sees Ciara with one of the wallets. Ciara has called Bo into show him but he isn't in the room yet and Avenger is right outside the door. I'm guessing she makes it in before her does.

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